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What’s A Dragon?

Dragons are Mythical Creatures that appear in many cultures and at different times. Dragons have been described as monsters, snakes, reptiles or beasts. There is something magical about dragons that has kept us intrigued for many centuries. The first question we must respond to is, “What’s A Dragon?” Here is the explanation of the word “dragon”:

“A dragon is a mythological fire spitting creature, a winged, flying, scaly creature. In many European legends, brave knights fight evil dragons.” In this definition we can discern some basic elements:

  • A dragon spits fire
  • A dragon is a mythical creature
  • A dragon is a winged beast with scaly skin
  • A dragon is present in many legends

What’s A Dragon

What’s A Dragon

Now that we have this list and a definition of the term “dragon”, we will also get a clear definition of the words “Mythological” and “Legend”. It is interesting to note that the definition of the term “Mythological” contains the word “Legend“:

MYTHOLOGICAL: “Everything mythological is related to a fable, legend or other traditional story. Even if some of us don’t want to admit it, mythological creatures are not real.”
LEGEND: “A legend is a story that goes beyond reality and is passed on from one generation to the next, like the legends of Beowulf, Robin Hood or even Big Foot.”
It then becomes obvious that dragons are only imagination. They cannot be real. Even if we don’t want to admit it. Dragons are only invented creatures in surrealist stories. Just like unicorns, mermaids, the Kraken, and even the monsters under your bed. But… could it be that dragons come from some real stories? Stories maybe about real dinosaurs? After all, Dragons and Dinosaurs look a lot alike.

Where Do Dragons Come From ?

Now we know that dragons are mysterious and impressive mythological creatures. Quite complex, they decompose into different forms. Their characters and symbols, badly or well, vary according to the cultures and beliefs that mention them. But what are their origins? Where do dragons come from?

game of throne dragons

Such a strong myth had to have an origin. There must be a reason why this myth has become so real to so many people. It is generally thought that the dragon myth is very popular, even today, because many people in ancient times strongly believed that dragons were real.

The myth of dragons is present in almost every culture in the world. In ancient history, if we go back as far as we can, dragons exist in Ancient Egypt, Greek mythology and the Bible. These dragons looked mostly like giant snakes. They had no legs and looked more like flying snakes. The Old Testament or the Hebrew Bible contains many stories of snakes and dragons.

egypt dragons

European stories often depict dragons as four-legged flying monsters that spit fire. In these Western cultures, dragons are described as evil monsters to be defeated. It is often said that they have a voracious appetite and live in caves, where they collect treasures. In the East or in China, dragons have always been an important part of their culture. The “Long Chinese Dragon” (, Pinyin long), is associated with good fortune and is believed to influence rain. The dragons and their association with rain are the origin of the Chinese customs of the dragon dance.

Dragon Myths

Dragons are very intelligent creatures. They live in remote areas, far from humans, in dark, damp and isolated places, such as caves. Dragons were first considered to be creatures living in water. Later, they were associated with fire. Sea snakes may have been the first dragons, and that may be the reason for this association.

Almost all dragon stories depict the dragon as the villain whose hero must protect the city or the princess. But some dragons may take the form of the protector. The biggest differences between dragons usually come from different cultures, especially from the Eastern and Western cultures. Each culture seems to have its own idea about dragons.

What's A Dragon

You can’t put them all in one group, because there are many types of dragons. Each culture seems to have its own type of dragon, and each of these dragons is usually very different. Some people have said that dragons once existed, perhaps in the time of the dinosaurs. Others believe that dragons came into existence at the same time as our Earth. Some people even claim to have seen a dragon in their lifetime. Among those people who claim to have seen one, they generally agree that it was humans who finally defeated the dragons.

But above all, dragons are fascinating and magical creatures that have captured our attention for thousands of years. The many different kinds of dragons and the ability to use our imagination to create these creatures only adds to their appeal. Many stories have been told about these great beings and it seems that dragons are part of our mythical history. Whether these creatures are or have ever been real probably doesn’t matter, as imagination can create them in almost any situation.

What’s A Dragon?

fascinating magical creatures dragons

Dragons have often been used in works of art. Images or sculptures of dragons seem mysterious and magical. Fashion has found its style in these magical creatures, especially in the dragons of the East. The term dragon has no zoological meaning, but it has been applied in the Latin generic name Draco to a number of species of small lizards found in the Indo-Malayan region. The name is also popularly applied to the Komodo monster, Varanus komodoensis, found in Komodo, Indonesia.

I hope I’ve answered the question “What’s A Dragon?”, don’t hesitate if you have any questions and take a look at our store which deals with the world of dragons.

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