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The Water Dragon Meaning (Chinese Zodiac)

water dragon Chinese zodiac meaning

Water Dragon meaning and symbolism

The Chinese Water Dragon Sign represents intelligent, friendly and relaxed individuals. They rarely pass up an opportunity.

The main difference between the Water Dragon and other types of dragons is their patience, they are happy to wait for results unlike others who are eager to get them directly.

Very understanding, they are always willing to share their ideas and cooperate with others. Their big drawback is that they tend to juggle from one activity to another rather than focusing on a specific goal.

They have a great sense of humor and are convincing speakers most of the time. Are you a Water Dragon? If so, you must surely be a special person, casual and with sharp senses.

We’ll take you step by step through this fabulous Water Dragon sign with the topics below:

– Meaning of the water dragon sign
– Water dragon astrology
– The Years of the water dragon
– The Personality of the water dragon
– Water Dragon Horoscope 1952

water dragon chinese astrology

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Chinese Water Dragon Zodiac Sign

The Water Dragon stands out for its impressive patience and high expectations. It symbolizes people who have only well-defined projects and life choices.

Water dragons are hard workers who want to have a good reputation and be famous. They sometimes overthink or worry too much, but their life will be easy most of the time.

Here are the Characteristics of the Chinese sign Water Dragon :

Qualities: Magnanimous, sentimental and persistent
– Defects: Conceited, despotic and glib.
– Secret Need: Giving Justice to Someone Who Has Been Wronged
– Tips: Leave out what is irrelevant and focus only on what is essential.

Charming and friendly, their relationships will be harmonious and intense. Not to mention that they choose to be surrounded only by people who help them become better versions of themselves.

They will have lots of friends, but they will also be lucky when it comes to finding love. Although they are appreciated by others, they can sometimes prove to be too stubborn and self-centered.

are you a dragon zodiac sign

In mythology, the Chinese Dragon is a powerful and imperious creature, the people of this sign are identical to him. You can notice how strong and intelligent they are.

Water Dragon Chinese Astrology

Ingenious, easy-going and friendly, Water Dragons never miss an opportunity to shine. Confident and capable of realizing their dreams, most are creative minds.

In Chinese astrology, they inspire fascination. Those born under the Chinese astrological sign Water Dragon will be lucky in money, as they are fierce and intellectual creatures who love to do business.

They are ready to invest all their energy in what they are passionate about in life. Many will admire them when they see how well they can perform.

They appreciate being flattered or supported in what they do. It is likely that they will break many hearts in their youth.

When they are in love with someone, that person becomes the driving force of their existence. Devoting themselves entirely to life as a couple does not bother them.

However, their relationships may not last long, as they are intense at the beginning and burn out along the way. People of this sign and element have a higher level of empathy, being able to guess what others feel and think.

Chinese zodiac sign Water Dragon

This means that they are also more imaginative and can analyze in depth the actions they are about to take. This is very different from the Chinese Sign Fire and Metal Dragons, who jump easily with both feet in any situation.

Water Dragons think a lot and make better decisions. The majority of their projects will be successful and profitable, but they can also miss some opportunities because they are hesitant.

Unlike other Dragons, Water dragons are not at all interested in glory. Therefore, they do not make decisions based on the image they would project.

Although they are direct and outspoken, they remain reserved and calm. They do not mind being patient and thinking before taking action.

Water Dragons are known to be balanced and serene, not at all reckless and restless. However, they are unstable, they move from one idea to another and do not focus on the same thing.

Their sense of humor and oral fluency make them very much appreciated people. Proud and always cheerful, Water Dragons never seem to run out of energy and motivation.

Intuitive and opportunistic, they will take advantage of any new situation that seems interesting to them.

Eager, it is natural for them to fight for what they want. Because they are perfectionists, their demands on themselves and others will always be high.

Seiryuu water dragon

Water Dragon Chinese Astrology Years

The years of the water dragon are 1952, 2012 and 2072. According to the Chinese zodiac, 1952 is the year of the Dragon, and based on the five Chinese elements, the year 1952 belongs to the Water element.

People born between 1952 and 1953 are Water Dragons. The Chinese calendar is mainly a lunar calendar, according to which only people born from January 27, 1952 to February 13, 1953 are of the water dragon sign.

The influence of the water element makes the Water Dragon the calmest of all dragon types. Although it is always in motion, the water dragon has a more thoughtful and emotionally intuitive personality.

oriental water dragon sign

These qualities allow him to be less self-centered than other people born under the sign of the Dragon. With an open mind and the ability to empathize, the water dragon is a team player.

Their social skills allow the water dragon to have more friends and close companions. Thanks to their combination of passion, dialogue and intelligence, ourdragon has an easy path to success.

The cooperative and motivated water dragon is destined for success, in that sense, his only challenge may be choosing which career path to follow.

With his gifts for coordination and leadership, our dragon may well succeed in management, business or owning his own business.

Similarly, their intelligence and perseverance could lead the Water Dragon into demanding fields such as law, medicine or science. Members of the Water dragon sign are well known in the entertainment world.

While the personality of the water dragon is full of positive aspects, it also has its flaws. The water dragon can become too preoccupied and disperse.

In these times, it is important for the Water Dragon to find a balance between his personal needs and the interests of others. The Water Dragon’s greatest success can be achieved through clear and well-defined priorities and goals.

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Year Of The Water Dragon 1952

People born between January 27, 1952 and February 13, 1953 are of the Chinese sign of the Water Dragon. The Water Dragon symbolizes life, growth, and brings blessings of longevity, virtue and harmony.

People of the Water Dragon Sign are born extroverted, their opinions and ideas are worth listening to, as their advice is usually the best.

Elegant and with an eye for the latest trends, Water Dragons are always at the forefront of the fashion scene. Endowed with a rich imagination, the Water Dragon always finds exotic ideas for new adventures.

In general, those of the Chinese sign Water Dragon choose a career as an artist, doctor or architect.

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Water Dragon Personality 1952

The Water Dragons born in 1952 are very positive and optimistic. Their attitude towards life can influence and leave a good impression on the people around them.

They also like to make friends, their popularity is generally good. In addition, they show stamina and perseverance in what they undertake.

Water Dragons also have a strong physique and are full of energy. However, people with the Chinese Zodiac Dragon born in 1952 are somewhat selfish in their lives and always haggle over every penny for their own interests.

They are somewhat arrogant and refuse to admit their mistakes. They lack flexibility in their actions, their words are sometimes offensive and hurtful.

Career Of The Chinese Water Dragon

The career of the water dragon is in very good condition. He even takes care to support the younger generation, often giving them a helping hand.

As a result, mutual help will bring him positive judgments and he will be much admired by the next generation.

The water dragon will seize the next opportunities that come his way (promotion, new position, retirement).

Wealth Of The Chinese Water Dragon

Since his mature age, the luck of the water dragon of 1952 began to improve more and more. After all kinds of ups and downs regarding their fortunes, they have become very mature.

Dragon zodiac sign wealth

They have already learned how to save and spend money, so that they can accumulate a good amount of savings. They will not hesitate to please those around them.

Chinese Water Dragon Love And Relationships

The love relationship between the 1952 Water zodiac Dragon and his wife is relatively good. Water zodiac Dragons who retire will spend more time with their halves and their homes.

They need to seize the time and do something they enjoy with their spouse to make their feelings even better. In addition, their relationship with their children is also good.

As they grow older, they will become more tolerant and less strict with their children.

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Chinese Water Dragon Health

The water zodiac dragon has always been in good physical condition and does not often get sick. But as they get older, some geriatric diseases are inevitable.

It is suggested that they regularly go to the hospital for a physical examination and see a doctor in time when they are not feeling well.

Women Chinese Water Dragon

Women of the water zodiac dragon sign do not stay away because they like to take action. They are a little distracted, so you can’t really count on them to solve problems.

Chinese Fire Dragon Sign Woman

Although they try to be more disciplined and reliable, they don’t seem to be able to do this all the time. They are communicative and want to be liked.

As a boss, they are kind and like to help. Her intuition will tell her how to deal with people and how to take care of everyone.

Even when she is upset and contradicted, she will want her relationships to stay good. In fact, she is very good at resolving conflicts and bringing peace.

women chinese water dragon female

Because she is joyful and always positive, she wants someone like that. She runs away from suffering, because all she wants is to travel and exchange.

A positive man full of surprises will attract her immediately. Friendly and generous, she will always be ready to help her other half.

She dreams of having children and a happy family. But her husband must remember that she has a fiery temperament, because she is, after all, a dragon.

She wouldn’t accept her partner flirting with someone else, but she would understand if he fell in love with someone else. As a mother, she will give the best of herself to her children.

Men Chinese Water Dragon

The men of the Water zodiac Dragon sign are dedicated and caring. They are good communicators, they like to be in noisy groups and have lots of friends.

People will respect him for having a good position in society and for his tranquility. It is rare to see him angry because he is in control of his emotions.

A good speaker, he can be very convincing. As a boss, his subordinates will feel motivated to work when he encourages them.

He is not the type to shout or impose himself, preferring to rely on mutual trust. But he doesn’t like procrastination and people who don’t know how to organize themselves.

men chinese water dragon male

Any woman will want to be a part of his life because he is caring and tender with words, a true gentleman. Generous, he will give his wife everything she desires.

He is romantic, so expect charming dates with candles on the roofs of skyscrapers. Once married, he will cling to his wife and organize domestic life so that everything is perfect.

He loves luxury and cleanliness, and is looking for someone who reflects his image. His companion should love him for his hobbies and be careful with their money.

He will want to be the head of the family and that his children listen to him.

Chinese Water Dragon Horoscope 2021

According to the Chinese zodiac horoscope, people born in 1952 will have a good year in 2021, but they need to pay special attention to their career and health.

In 2021, the Water zodiac Dragon’s career will not be very successful, and they may encounter some difficulties. They may be mentored by colleagues who do not get along well with them.

They must therefore keep a certain distance from them and not easily trust others. For water chinese dragons who have retired and are at home, if they get bored, they can try to get some rest, enjoy themselves or help their children in their careers.

The year 2021 will be a pivotal year for the water chinese dragon. Because of their outstanding achievements, retired water zodiac dragons will have a higher pension.

They can also buy lottery tickets or make investments this year and will also earn good returns.

The Water chinese Dragon born in 1952 will have an excellent family relationship in 2021. Retired, they have more time to spend with their spouse.

It is suggested that they share things they love with their significant other so that their feelings are more fully developed.

In addition, their relationship with their children is also good, and they still support what the children want to do. In 2021, the water Chinese dragons of 1952 should pay more attention to their health.

They should prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health problems and exercise daily. In addition, they should be cautious when they go out, especially during this period of Covid-19.

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We have just seen together the different facets of the Chinese sign water Chinese dragon. Now you know perfectly the years, personality and Chinese horoscope of the water Chinese dragon.

Don’t forget that the Chinese dragon sign is the most powerful of all in the zodiac. 🐉

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