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Top 10 Dragons in Video Games

We Selected for you the best Top 10 Dragons in Video Games !

Top 10 Dragons in Video Games

We know that dragons are extremely large and powerful chimeras that are capable of using elemental breaths. They are one of the many basic elements of the imaginary genre and often a must in the fantasy field, they are everywhere. In series, movies and of course video games. These winged creatures are simply cool, they bring emotion and intrigue to the story.?

With wise and brilliant dragons like Paarthurnax from Skyrim, who make every conversation deep and immensely entertaining, there’s no reason not to include more dragons. For every Heroic appearance, there are Diabolic Monsters that seek to Burn and Plunder, which often leads to more entertaining possibilities within these respective video games.

Dragon Fights are among the best and most enjoyable in the history of Boss Battles, these Winged Beasts claim the top places in the minds of many people. Today, I intend to focus on these terrifying monsters from the air, and make a (subjective) list of the top ten best dragon boss fights in the history of video games.

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10. Ridley (Metroid)

What’s better than a Dragon? A space dragon…

Ridley Metroid

Ridley is Samus Aran’s sworn enemy, he is a recurring opponent in the Metroid series. As a space pirate, he is one of the funniest and trickiest bosses in the game. His design is that of a dragon, a fire-breathing purple pterodactyl with plasma.

It takes a long time to dominate Ridley because he is a fan favorite, but also because it is one of the most difficult challenges in the series. Each time he appears, he has a new set of improvements and new abilities. Fighting against him is a frenetic and incredibly challenging pleasure for any player not fully familiar with the game.

Although this Flying Beast is not the main official antagonist of the series, Ridley is the boss who remains the big villain of the series. Not only does he serve as the perfect challenge in his own game, but he is also one of the best dragon fights in history.

I mean, he’s still a Space Dragon, who’s also a pirate! And who’s been reshaped into a robot. By the way, Ridley was named after Ridley Scott, the director of Alien, a movie that inspired the developers of Metroid games.


Bubble Bobble is one of the most iconic cooperative games ever created… Specifically designated as dragons in the series many times, their cute aesthetic is similar to a Mini Dragon, I put them in the ranking.

For a long time, I thought these little guys were dinosaurs. They have no wings, they don’t spit fire and they look as big as a pair of shoes. But that’s because they are, in fact, Bubble Dragons.

Originally, Bub and Bob were two human brothers, before being transformed by Baron Von Blubba. These rare Dragons, parade through the levels blowing bubbles at their enemies, trying to save their girlfriends. What a delicious way to die.


dragon's dogma ur dragon

A boss who has the health of a madman, facing the Ur-Dragon, if you are not properly equipped, the fight can last for centuries. Even with the right equipment and abilities, it can still be tough, which is what makes the battle rewarding and fun. Boss fights in Dragon’s Dogma are the ultimate attraction of the game, and the Ur-Dragon is a true test of the player’s patience and skill.

While the offline version is often seen as a boost, the online version requires a multitude of different players to help you have a chance to defeat the fearsome beast. The mechanics of online combat can be complicated, but being one of the players who kills the creature can be incredibly rewarding, as some of the most powerful equipment is at your fingertips after you kill it.

In the worst case scenario, the Ur-Dragon can simply fly away and ruin the contribution of dozens of online players. You know… It’s still a game.?


Since his first performance in Pokemon Ruby, Rayquaza has been one of many Pokémon to appear everywhere, bursting into a multitude of later games, other derivatives and most notably, Super Smash Bros Brawl.


Present as a boss against Diddy Kong and Fox McCloud when the latter’s ship is thrown out of the air by the serpentine emerald dragon, many boss fights in Brawl can be described as sensational, as they lend themselves to fun and engaging confrontations, but Rayquaza is by far one of the most memorable. With its interesting design and challenging movement play, Rayquaza is simply an original and enjoyable fight.

Although its presence in Pokémon games is better known, the term “boss fight” is a bit of a misnomer when you consider that you focus more on catching and winning trophies than on winning. Its appearance in Brawl, however, underscores all the points that make up a great boss fight. And to top it all off, he’s a Dragon. And as we’ve already established, dragons are awesome.?


Sire Dragons refer to a group of mature female dragons. They are among the rarest creatures in the Dragon Age series. Their rank is “Elite Boss”, which tells us that they are not easy to annihilate.


Dragons played an important role in Dragon Age Inquisition, functioning as mini-bosses hidden in each level, requiring careful tactics and strategies to even have a hope of defeating them. And while there are several unforgettable and interesting dragons that could be ranked in this list, such as the Abyssal Dragon or the Fereldan Frostback, none are more entertaining, challenging and worthy of this show than Winter.

Hidden in the Lion’s Reach level, Hivernal is the first of the three dragons located to the east of the map, which are the most difficult to defeat. Although it is the easiest of the three, it is undoubtedly the most spectacular. Fighting him at the top of a broken tower, frozen by puddles of icy water, surrounded by shards of crystals, is the embodiment of the epic. With a mix of air and ground attacks, the dragon is not only well designed but looks smart. Winter is difficult to defeat, and the player’s group management skills are put to the test.

Although not part of the main story and a dragon that most players will avoid, Hivernal makes a lasting impression with one of the most exciting battles in the video game genre. Being one of the only memorable dragons other than the two mentioned above, it is an optional challenge suitable for those who are out hunting the ancient great dragons.


No list of dragons would be complete without the World Eater itself. The greatest dragon that ever existed in the kingdom of Tamriel, he would herald the end of the world itself. Skyrim’s last boss can be considered more of a formality than a great boss, but beyond that, the battle against Alduin is one of the most epic of all games.


Crossing the Sovngarde kingdom, the misty sky with the voices of the ancient heroes of the North in the background, this is the perfect setup for a great boss. Not forgetting that as you cross the fog, you can see all those characters who stumbled and died while playing. Kodlak, Ulfric and Legate Rikke all wander aimlessly trying to escape the world-eater that flies over their heads, never to be seen. The whole scene is almost perfect. And when you gather the heroes of yesteryear to face the dragon God, you shiver with excitement.

Going into battle alongside the old heroes is great, and challenging Alduin alongside those who did it so long ago is simply epic. The fight against The Boss could have been better with perhaps a unique design and a set of new moves instead of a standard dragon remake, but there is no doubt about the impeccable atmosphere created by facing the dragon and the void left for players after defeating the vile creature. The quality of the fight is debatable, but it is one of the most epic experiences in the game.

When the Tsun keeper is tougher than the final boss, one wonders why he didn’t go after Alduin. It would have saved us the trip.


While the quality of Dark Souls II is often debated, its DLC packs are undoubtedly the highlight of the game, offering some of the most layered and complex levels in the entire series.


From the Mist Tower and the Smoky Knight, to Eleum Loyce and the King of Ivory, the DLC has made great strides in improving the quality of the game. And next to all this, there was one of the best fights in the game. Deep within Shulva, the City of Sanctuary, guarded by fanatics and a glimmer of Manus himself, lies Sinh, the Sleeping Dragon.

A poisonous dragon, impaled by Yorgh’s spear, Sinh manages to greatly improve on the mediocre dragon fights of the basic game. Combining aerial attacks and ground combat almost perfectly, the boss fight is a joy to watch. Both fair and friendly, he combines the mechanics that are the strength of most bosses to create a truly enjoyable experience.

Another bonus is the story that FromSoftware has created behind the sleeping dragon, so that the fight carries a certain weight. You’ll learn how he plunged the city into poison after the invasion of the Flag-Blood Knights. All this, combined with his past appearances in the game burning enemies for you, makes the whole experience of confronting him one of the best in the series.


Dragon Age Origins was a love letter to fans of the fantasy genre, and although it doesn’t age well in terms of graphics, it can still be called one of the greatest fantasy games of all time. The conflicts, story and characters have combined to create one of the most detailed and captivating experiences.


In fact, the game has its share of dragons. From the multitude of small enemy dragons to the great dragon, but none is as epic and brilliant as the Archdemon.

At the end of the game, the player and his party choose to fight in a torn world and confront Urthemiel, a corrupt god, the Scourge. It is a gigantic and impressive dragon who is the great villain of the game. This boss is an effective test of the player’s skills and his ability to maneuver his group. It is challenging and well designed. It’s just great that such a great game ends with such a great fight.

One of the most heroic or heartbreaking moments is when you, Alistair, choose to slaughter the beast, sacrificing yourself in the process. The ending is perfect, worthy of a great game, with one of the best fights in history. It’s remarkable, because it’s like the last page of a book, the culmination of a whole scenario, with your companions who have fought alongside you throughout the game, it’s just amazing.

You also have the choice to ruin your experience, and make all your friends run away from you in the end and get stuck with the characters you like least, to fight the boss and lose all dramatic tension. But only a madman would do that… Wouldn’t he?


Dragons and wyverns are not lacking in the Monster Hunter universe, but the Rathalos are undoubtedly the flagship monsters of the franchise.


Flying wyverns have been part of the series from the very beginning and have appeared in all Monster Hunter games so far. Known as the “Kings of the Sky”, the Rathalos patrol the skies around their nests and search for prey. These colorful creatures are prone to launch surprise aerial attacks, but they are also formidable opponents on the ground.

They can inflict poisonous wounds with their talons, burn their opponents with their fiery blows, or simply chase and damage them with their oxtails. After beating their prey to subdue them, they hide them to eat them in private.

In Monster Hunter World, the Rathalos is present as the Boss, he makes the player see all the colors, because the player has a formidable advantage: the air.


And yes, double mention for the famous game Dark Souls. Hidden in the excellent “Artorias of the Abyss” (Dark Souls Remastered) is this legendary dragon, so feared that even the gods ignore it. I am of course talking about the Black Dragon Kalameet.


Found terrorizing the skies of Oolacile, the player will use the skills of “Hawkeye Gough” with his bow, a blind giant, to bring him down. Then begins one of the most tense and balanced fights in the entire series. Fighting Kalameet is a joy to watch as he leaps onto the battlefield and spits fire at you. Learning and assimilating his movements is quite difficult and appealing, as he has a myriad of aerial and ground techniques, each one fair, unlike Sinh, who can chain together a lot.

The black dragon Kalameet is a striking example of a Boss fight in a game. It’s a titanic confrontation that is well conducted and, frankly, I can’t imagine a tougher showdown. A fight based on an impressive scenario, against an incredibly well executed dragon. Perfection.?

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