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Toothless Drawing: Easy Step by Step

Toothless Drawing Easy Step by Step

All You Need to Know About Toothless Drawing in Simple and Easy Way !

Welcome to you!

Today we’re going to teach you how to easily draw the cutest and most spirited Dragon in existence: Toothless. Discover a real talent of artist by following this step-by-step tutorial. ✍️

Toothless, also called the Night Fury is a fictional little dragon that appeared in three animated films produced by Dreamworks Animation studios (Shrek, Madagascar, or Kung Fu Panda) and Paramount Pictures. We see this black dragon appearing three times:

In How to Train Your Dragon, released in 2010
In How to Train Your Dragon 2, released in 2014
In How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World released in 2019. We met a new dragon, the Light Fury!

how to train your dragon films movies

The films received very positive reviews and were loved by young and old alike. Today, we offer you a complete step-by-step tutorial to easily draw your favorite creature and find it at the end of your pencil. Follow it all and you’ll get impressive results, young drawer! ?

NOTE: 3 different drawing tutorials are available. Don’t hesitate to choose the one that suits you best!

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1) Start by doing the top of Toothless’ head. First make curved lines to make his two ears, then another curved line to put them together. There has to be a “U” shape in the middle to make the horns.

2) Continue by closing his head. Start with the straight line by making small peaks on the side, then a curved line that joins his left ear.

toothless head drawing

3) Draw the details of his head by making rounded triangles to the left of his head. Then draw his eyes in the shape of large water drops, then elongated and thick dots to make his nostrils.


4) It’s time to do the right wing and the back of the dragon. Start by drawing a long rounded line for the top of its wing, then go down to the end of its ear by making a first spike, a second more rounded, then a third pointed. Draw a second line from the middle of the wing to the head. Finally, draw 2 parallel lines on the wing as details. ?

5) Draw three spikes in a triangle on the back of the nocturnal fury to make its scales.

toothless wings drawing

6) Trace the second wing starting at its left ear, making rounded peaks and descending to the second scale on its back. ✍️


7) You are going to draw the belly and legs of Toothless. To do this, start with the back leg by making two wide and rounded lines, then another two to make his foot. His claws should be rounded and pointed at the tip. Join the leg you just drew to the other leg you are drawing in the same way! Add small lines on his back knee to make him look like a real dragon. ?

8) Draw the left leg under his head, then a rounded triangle at the back. Don’t forget the claws!

9) Details make all the difference! Start with his eyes and pupils. Draw three spaced lines from the top to the middle of his head, then two lines on his left wing. Finally, draw the dragon’s tail starting from its center which should be shaped like a fish tail, then two pointed wings at the end, and finally 4 wings like those of a bat at the very beginning of the tail. ?

10) Finish with the coloring of Night Fury! You will need a yellow, black and green pencil. But you can also color it in any color you want. Let your creativity and imagination run wild! ?

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Do you prefer Toothless when he spreads his beautiful wings and flies away? Then this tutorial is for you! Take your paper, your pencil, and let’s go.

1) Start by drawing three circles on the left side of your sheet: one compressed with a line through it, the second as round as possible, then the third similar to the first but more rounded.

2) Draw a series of small circles under the body and then connect them with rounded lines as on the drawing.

3) For Toothless wings, draw a kind of big sail for the one on the left, starting in the middle of the circle on the left, then the second one more curved. Be careful ⚠️ these are lines to guide you, don’t press your pencil, you will have to erase them right after. For the tail, make a long line and then a kite shape at the end.

4) Draw Toothless’ head in a well rounded way.

5) Trace his eye. Easy! ?️

6) Makes his little paws. Begins with the left one which is loose, then finishes with the right one which is bent.

7) Use the marker for the wings you drew just before to draw the curves with curved shapes as on the picture. You can erase the marker!

8) Trace the two other legs with the claws.

9) Draw the tail, which should look like a flame. ? Normal for a dragon…

10) Now you can do the rounding of the 2nd wing!

11) Improve the overall look of your Toothless by drawing lines on the tail, body, legs and wings as shown in the picture!

12) There you go, your drawing is finished! Don’t hesitate to color it and improve it as you wish.?


Kawaii represents everything cute. We see this expression a lot in Japanese anime and manga. That’s good, Toothless is an adorable creature. Don’t you believe us? Look at this Toothless Products !

Anyway, here is for you a little tutorial of easy drawing to represent him with Kawaii sauce ! ?

1) Start by drawing two oval circles: the bottom one should look like a pebble, then the second one on top will look like an egg. ?

2) Draw another oval circle underneath and its paw just underneath.

3) Draw the two other legs by making them well rounded.

4) Draw Toothless’ ears on the right side of his head. Don’t make them above!

5) Makes another ear on the left, then spikes on the skull.

6) Around the eyes! ? Do not hesitate to make big eyes, and pupils that take 3/4 of the eye to reinforce the Kawaii aspect.

7) Do the second eye which will be a little bigger with the perspective, then do the small nose with a simple rounded line and the nostrils just below it.

8) It’s the turn of the wing and the tail! For the latter, draw a large rounded line that goes almost at 90°, then finish by coming back to the body while making rounded lines in “V”. For the tail, draw a kind of big banana. ?

9) The tip of the tail should look like flames. Done in 2 just at the end!

10) Finalize by drawing some details that have their importance for the cute side: the features under the eyes to make the cheeks, a smile, refines the eyes …

11) Here we go, time for coloring to get a perfect final result! Now there’s no doubt about Kawaii’s side!


You were able to draw Night Fury in 3 different ways! Congratulations, you’re an ace at drawing now …

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