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Tom Cruise going in Space with Nasa SpaceX

When Tom Cruise going in Space with Nasa SpaceX, here the details

NASA, Tom Cruise and SpaceX are working on a film made aboard the International Space Station. A project that looks like a Mission Impossible given the technical constraints and especially the enormous cost of a few minutes of film.

Tom Cruise going in Space with Nasa SpaceX
Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise member of Crew Dragon !

The International Space Station will be the backdrop for the first film scene shot in space. NASA has just announced that it is working with Tom Cruise on a film project that will take place on board the ISS. According to Deadline, SpaceX is also collaborating on this unprecedented mission, although its exact role is not yet known. We imagine that Elon Musk‘s company would be in charge of taking the actor to the station in a Crew Dragon capsule that is soon to make its first manned flight with 4 astronauts. If the project sees the light of day, it would be the first time that a feature film with scenes shot in weightlessness has been made.

At 58 years old, Tom Cruise is still in good shape and is not afraid to take on a new challenge. The actor is used to do without an understudy to perform his stunts. In Mission Impossible, the star doesn’t hesitate to take risks by climbing the façade of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai, or hanging on to the door of a plane on takeoff. A daredevil penchant that is not always without consequences. The shooting of Mission Impossible: Fallout had to be interrupted due to an ankle injury during a roof-to-roof jump.

Shooting in Space with Tom Cruise Nasa and SpaceX hard to believe !

Shooting one or two scenes in a shuttle or aboard the ISS would be the most expensive Money Shot in the history of cinema. On the SpaceX side, the ride in high orbit is around $100 million per passenger. NASA, which also plans to open the ISS to space tourism, is talking about a ticket in the region of 60 million dollars.

Assuming Tom Cruise is accompanied by a technician and two astronauts, the bill is close to $250 million at best. That’s well over the $178 million for Mission Impossible: Fallout. By comparison, Avengers: Infinity Wars is one of the most expensive films in the movie industry with a budget of around $400 million. It’s hard to imagine how a production could allocate that much money for just a few minutes.

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