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SpaceX take Tom Cruise to Space for his new Movie

As part of his new movie, Tom Cruise will travel to space thanks to SpaceX, in order to prepare the shooting of his new movie with his director Doug Liman.

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spacex tom cruise movie
Tom Cruise dans Edge of Tomorrow. Credits : Warner Bros.

The 58-year-old Hollywood star will have the chance to travel to space. Tom Cruise will take off with his director Doug Liman, with whom he had already worked on the films Barry Seal and Edge of Tomorrow, and Michael Lopez-Alegria, the NASA pilot who has flown the most times in space. The last seat to be filled has not yet been allocated.

Tom Cruise in Crew Dragon

The trip will leave in October 2021 from a base used for space tourism, aboard the Crew Dragon, a space shuttle built by SpaceX in collaboration with Axiom, towards the International Space Station ISS. NASA Director Jim Bridenstine had already made a statement last May, announcing that this project would inspire a whole new generation of engineers and researchers to embark on space research to advance NASA’s ambitious plans. Elon Musk had tweeted that the project would be exciting.

SpaceX: A record budget for a still mysterious project

This first trip aboard the ISS, NASA’s international station, will be to prepare the first elements of filming, and maybe even start filming a few scenes. This astronomical project, budgeted at around $200 million, is intended to become the very first film ever made in space. A challenge that should not worry the actor, who is used to challenges and stunts of all kinds. The star of Mission Impossible, both actor and producer on this film, is expected to earn a salary between 30 and 60 million dollars. These are staggering figures for a film about which we still have very little information.

While waiting for this trip to the stars, Tom Cruise is currently completing the filming of the two new Mission Impossible. The two films are scheduled to be released in theaters successively in 2021 and 2022.

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