Pixiu Bracelet (Wealth & Good Fortune)



The Pixiu Bracelet characteristics

  • Attract and Preserve Wealth with Pixiu
  • Boost your Protection with Black Obsidian
  • Attract Luck and Happiness with the Mani mantra
  • Be happier in your daily life
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💰 Pixiu, is the Myth of Wealth 💰

In Asian mythology, Pixiu (also called Pi Xiu or Pi Yao) was the ninth son of the Jade Emperor.

The popular Chinese legend tells that one day, this dragon-like animal flouted a celestial law.

The emperor was so displeased that he expelled him from the kingdom and punished him by saying that he could only eat gold, silver and precious stones. Worse, he deprived him of his anus, thus imprisoning in his belly all the accumulated wealth.

Since then, the Pixiu has become the symbol in Asia of conquest and financial prosperity. It represents the embodiment of fortune, abundance and success.

✨ Black Obsidian, Sacred Stone… ✨

Black Obsidian is known as a stone of protection and healing.

Worn as a bracelet, it aids in the digestive process. It also helps to alleviate imbalances and excessive behavior by making the wearer more Zen.

Finally, it protects from negative energies coming from other people and from bad spirits that can bring bad luck.

🍀 Mani, the Mantra of Luck and Happiness 🍀

The Mani Mantra is one of the most important in Buddhist traditions. Engraved on the bracelet, this Mantra transmits powerful spiritual energies of good luck and happiness to the bracelet that keep away all forms of negativity.

This engraving work is very meticulous, which is why these bracelets are most of the time out of stock and arrive at the drop.

Learn more about your Pixiu Bracelet

On which wrist should you wear your Feng Shui lucky charm bracelet?

In order for it to deliver all its energies and to keep away evil spirits, wear your Pixiu Bracelet on your receiving hand. The receiving side of your body is the one of your non-dominant hand, most of the time the left hand.

Our Pixiu bracelet not available in retail store

Pixiu Bracelets are rare and most of the time out of stock. If not today, consider taking several of them, they are very nice gifts to offer to the people you love.

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  • Material: Black Obsidian AAA Quality
  • Bead Size: 10 mm
  • Bracelet Size: 16-21 cm (adjustable with elastic)
  • Symbols: Pi Xiu head, Mantra Mani, Dragon
  • Side : Left hand or right hand, depending on your receiving side
  • Delivery: See the page Deliveries and returns
  • Sex : Mixed

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