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Ouroboros dragon: a Symbol of Infinity

Ouroboros dragon meaning

Does the name Ouroboros sound familiar? Then you must have already come across its effigy. The serpent that bites its tail is a symbol of infinity and a symbol of cycle of birth and death. ♾

It can be found in many ornaments and jewelry. However, its origins remain mysterious, as it appears spontaneously in all cultures. In this article, Dragon Planet tries to find out more about this well-known symbol. 🤓

Ouroboros Dragon Ring

The Ouroboros Meaning

The Ouroboros is a representation of a snake that bites its tail. Its name comes from the ancient Greek “oura” (tail) and “boros” (to eat). There are many representations of it all over the world.

Ancient Egypt Tutankhamun tomb

Ouroboros in Egypt

The first appearances of this symbol are found in ancient Egypt, notably in the tomb of Tutankhamun. At the time of the Silk Road trade.

Circle dragon in Greece

The Phoenicians later took this motif and passed it on to the Greeks, who named the serpent Ouroboros. It is also found in Norse mythology as well as in the Indian Ocean. 🐍

The circle serpent in Aztec and aboriginal cultures

In Aztec and aboriginal traditions. The Ouroboros is thus found in the majority of ancient civilizations.

ouroboros yin yang

Symbol of Ying-Yang in China

It is possible that the dragons of the Chinese culture then influenced the Egyptian representation. ☯

Ouroboros in Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, the serpent Jörmungand (one of Loki‘s four children) encircles the world and holds its tail in its mouth to hold the oceans. This tradition is similar in the Indian Ocean, where the father of the god Kerdik surrounds the garden of the gods to protect it. 🍏

The Legend of the Ouroboros

It is difficult to describe a single legend for a symbol of time that spans so many civilizations and so many different eras! Generally speaking, the story of the snake biting its own tail is synonymous with protection.

signification of Ouroboros

Among the Egyptians, the Ouroboros encompasses the whole world. It would have appeared to delimit the limit between the noun, the primordial ocean, and the ordered world.

Generally speaking, we can say that the legends surrounding the Ouroboros make it a figure of delimitation and protection.

Ouroboros Symbol of Infinity

Beyond these legends, the Ouroboros has a lot of symbolism. The most obvious is the idea of an evolutionary cycle that closes in on itself.

Ouroboros viking

By biting its own tail, it becomes a finite and self-sufficient cycle. Its power is thus consumed and renewed in a circular fashion: each end is a new beginning. It is the symbol of eternity par excellence.

Its circular shape has another meaning: like Yin and Yang, it represents the duality of everything. Life, death, creation and destruction, as well as everything that opposes but completes each other.

The Ouroboros: A Powerful Talisman

If you choose to carry the Ouroboros with you, you should know that it can be a powerful talisman. Because of its symbolism, it allows the wearer to create and recreate themselves. It is a powerful tool for change and renewal… While keeping the balance! ⚖

ouroboros symbolism

A second property of the Ouroboros is more particularly linked to snakes. These snakes molt and shed their old skin regularly.

An Ouroboros talisman can therefore help to wipe away the past and make a fresh start. If you are looking for rejuvenation, this is the symbol to look for.

The Ouroboros in Astrology

The Ouroboros also has a link with the stars. It is sometimes representative of the Milky Way. The Milky Way is circular in shape and encompasses our world. 🌌

So there is a link with the ancient traditions representing the Ouroboros as a circle encompassing the universe. Being larger than the stars that govern events, it would act as a protector of the latter.

Ouroboros Signification

The Ouroboros Signification

The Ouroboros is an image that appears in various cultures around the world, and this in all eras. What to prove the power of this symbol of protection!

The snake biting its own tail symbolizes infinity, renewal and rejuvenation. So it’s not a bad idea to use this symbol to bring you balance and a fresh start.

The symbols used by our ancestors continue to express themselves in our time. Sometimes these powerful talismans from ancient traditions can help us in our lives today.