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Meaning of Dragon Tattoos

If you’re a devil worshiper, the dragon is the mythical being for you.

It symbolizes supernatural strength, power but also wisdom. It also represents the subconscious and spirituality.

Appearing in cultures around the world, it is a luminous and spiritual being. Dragon means “great serpent”.

Tattoos of dragons can have many facets.

In this article we will look at the meaning of Dragon Tattoos.

Fire Breathing Dragon Tattoo Meaning

fire breathing dragon tattoo meaning

Symbolizing power and destruction, the tattoo of the fire-breathing dragon is unique. It blends perfectly with a dark and bewitching look.

This tattoo also conveys passion and desire. Indeed, many legends have stated that fire represents creation and destruction. Just like the phoenix rising from its ashes, the dragon also has this power.

A fire-breathing dragon tattoo conveys the idea of power, energy and violence. This tattoo thus gathers strength, mental tranquility and desire.

In contrast, Middle Eastern culture considers the dragon as a mythical being of water.

Several theories have explained how the dragon manages to spit fire. This magnificent creature contains a reserve of methane gas and stones in its body. Once it feels the need to empty itself of its fire, it uses the pebbles to ignite the methane and make the fire start from its terrible throat.

The Encyclopedia Dragonology has stated that the creature uses its venom. This technique is the same as with gas, but it is replaced by venom.

Dragon and Flower Tattoo Meaning

dragon and flower tattoo meaning

The snapdragon, called dragon flower, is a delicate plant with esoteric origins. Artists trace the tattoo starting from the flower itself, or by drawing an alliance between any flower and a dragon.

This tattoo communicates grace and illusion. Obviously, the styles and colors of flowers change the general meaning of the tattoo. You can personalize it to your taste.

Dragon and Snake Tattoo Meaning

dragon and snake tattoo meaning

The dragon and snake tattoos symbolize the divergence between science and religion, modernity and tradition.

These two mythical creatures are generally known as part of the troops of evil, whereas according to historians, they are entirely linked to human origins.

Snakes have healing skills. Historically, they have had a close connection with the god of medicine, Asclepius.

For its part, the dragon is a chimeric animal that symbolizes luck and good fortune. The color and number of claws on the dragon’s paws indicate its power and authority over its enemies. These two animals have left their mark on many cultures throughout the world.

In the world of tattoo artists, dragon and snake tattoos are becoming popular, regardless of the image or symbol associated with them. These two animals often symbolize strength, mystery and beauty.

But the meaning is established according to their appearances. Their images have a great impact on those who see them and will forever change your style and appearance.

Ouroboros Dragon Tattoo Meaning

ouroboros dragon tattoo meaning

The ouroboros is a sign that represents a snake or a dragon with a dead head and tail, in the shape of a circle. The word ouroboros comes from the Greek ourobóros (Ouroboros) which means “snake that eats its tail”.

Its meaning refers to the cyclical nature of things and the idea of eternal return. In this sense, the ouroboros testifies that existence is a cycle that always restarts, and whose continuity consists of a constant rebirth: the seasons, life, death …

Also, the ouroboros testifies that the present moment is eternally devoured by the future moment. It constitutes an infinite sequence of moments that die and are reborn at every moment. This symbol dates back more than three thousand years. It’s quite something!

In ancient Egypt, the ouroboros is seen in a hieroglyph in the burial chamber of the United Pyramid.

In addition, similar expressions of ouroboros can be found in ancient Greece or in northern mythologies.

This style of tattoo was also used by the ancient alchemists to represent their search for eternity. For example, the desire to find the universal panacea or the philosopher’s stone.

Dragon and Tiger Tattoo Meaning

dragon and tiger chest tattoo

According to Chinese mythology, the tiger and the dragon symbolize a contradictory duality, just like the yin and the yang. The dragon is a creature that can draw strength and wisdom from the deepest origins of creation, whereas the tiger is based on its natural strength.

On the other hand, in Chinese myths, the tiger is recognized as the celestial guardian of the West, while the dragon is reputed to be that of the East.

The peoples of the Middle East consider the tiger and the dragon as mortal enemies. They are often drawn fighting. At first glance, this seems to be a rather violent tattoo.

That said, a person can very well get this tattoo to show the harmony of energies, because it also symbolizes Yin Yang. Indeed, it is the balance of forces and opposites that complement each other.

The tattoo of these two creatures is intimately linked to nature, desire, power and power.

If you are an admirer of Japanese or Chinese style designs, you can ask your favorite tattooist for advice about this design.

Koi Fish With Dragon Head Tattoo Meaning

According to the legend of the Koi carp, this one would have gone up the current and would have changed into a dragon.

In real life, Koi are cold water fish that gain strength by swimming against the current. They have captivated the imagination of water lovers for centuries.

As a story goes, one day, thousands of Koi swam up the Yellow River. Their bodies adorned with sublime colors and protruding muscles reflected in the sunlight, making them look like a horde of majestic jewels shining in the water.

Everything was fine until they reached a waterfall. Immediately, many of them became discouraged and turned back. But a few reckless ones refused to abandon their journey here.

All this splashing noise attracted the attention of the local demons. They laughed out loud at what they saw. In addition, the demons being quite teasing, they increased the height of the fall. Undaunted, the Koi continued their efforts for a hundred years, and then with a heroic jump, a single Koi carp managed to reach the top of the falls.

Surprised, the God of the river blessed this Koi and transformed him into a shining golden dragon, illustrating power and strength. The latter spends his joyous days hunting for pearls of wisdom in the vast eternal heavens.

The falls became the Dragon’s Gate, and through their endurance and perseverance, the Koi became the symbol of victory over adversity and the fulfillment of his destiny. This is why this tattoo represents ambition and persistence.

Moreover, it is often associated with other Japanese tattoos (Japanese Cherry Tree, Samurai, Geisha, Lotus, Kanji).

Dragon and Fairy Tattoo Meaning

dragon and fairy tattoo meaning

A perfect style for a resolutely feminine look!

This drawing is composed of a dragon and a fairy. Two totally different creatures, but perfectly complementary. The fairy dragon tattoos therefore convey the idea of difference and complementarity between male and female beings in nature and the universe.

Indeed, as you know, fairies are feminine, refined and powerful, while dragons are masculine, strong and energetic.

The fairy and the dragon have one thing in common: they symbolize the natural elements. Indeed, they operate in the earth, in the water and control fire.

Having a certain similarity to normal dragons, fairy dragons have 4 legs instead of 2, they have butterfly wings and their scales are less resilient. They are gentle, but their power lies in the fact that they can hypnotize spirits that get in their way.

In addition, they spit out poison gas. Inhaling these gases causes dizziness, memory loss, unconsciousness and even death.

Asian Dragon Tattoo Meaning

asian dragon tattoo meaning

The Asian dragon tattoo represents decency, power and opulence. For Asians, dragons are fantastic, mythical, auspicious beings who bring good luck with them. They are also the most revered creatures in Japan, China, Vietnam… in short, in Asia.

According to Chinese and Japanese culture, the meaning of a dragon tattoo is linked to the nature of the images associated with it. But generally, the dragon communicates an idea of mastery of the four natural elements: earth, water, fire and air.

Chinese and Japanese dragons are similar to snakes. They lack the wings that can be found on European dragons.

Asian tattoos express apotheosis, fantasy and sexual passion. It is also a symbol of destruction, but also of creation.

Dragon and Moon Tattoo Meaning

dragon and moon tattoo meaning

The moon influences the planet: the tides, the plants … It symbolizes the ebb and flow of life, while the dragons represent the original forces of nature.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Meaning

tribal dragon tattoo meaning

The tribal dragon tattoo symbolizes a spiritual connection with nature. It also expresses a people’s strong attachment to their culture.
Basically, a tribal tattoo is meant to be imposing and therefore intimidate the enemy. Thus, it expresses in an accentuated way the brutal features of the dragon. Thus, the big details and colors are minimized. However, the choice of styles and colors are numerous. There is something for everyone!

Most often, we see this tattoo on the arms, but it can be elsewhere on the body!

For the Lovers of Dragon Tattoos

As we have just seen, in tattoos, several models of dragons exist. And still, we are far from having seen everything.

Recognized by followers of dark, fantastic, mystical and powerful creatures, the dragon tattoo is generally a work of art that requires great meticulousness.

The dragon is a prodigious and legendary being. A tattoo with this large creature therefore requires a fairly large area. To accentuate its magnificent style, it is best to draw it on the back or the thigh. But on the arms, it can also be quite good!

For minimalists, many tattoo artists manage to draw small dragon sketches. As a result, they can tattoo on small areas such as shoulders, ankles and the back of the neck.

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