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How to draw dragon wings step by step

How to draw dragon wings step by step

Dragons have always impressed the imagination, and now you can learn how to draw their legendary and impressive wings with our tutorial.

This tutorial is for beginner artists who are wondering how to draw dragon wings.

Wings are a powerful organ that allows most dragons to fly, but they also give them an imposing and impressive appearance. 🐉

As always, we will need pencils and a sheet of white paper.

Colored pencils are optional, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to color the dragon wings at the end. ✏️

Eternal Dragon Ring


draw the markings of the dragon's wings

Step 1: Draw the wings of the dragon—this is a very important part of drawing a dragon.

To draw a successful dragon, the wings must also be well drawn.

Start by drawing three small circles to represent the hand of the dragon with armed wings.

Based on this shape, you can draw the lines of the wing fingers and then the shape of the upper wing arms. 🐲


draw the wings of the dragon

Step 2: In this step, thicken the wing finger shapes and give the wing lines a bony look.

Draw a thumb on each wing and then sketch the detailed shape of the hand.

draw the wings of dragon

Step 3: You will now begin to draw the fabric or skin that will cover the dragon wings.

You can then start drawing the detailed lines that define the wings of the dragon, as shown above.

You will also draw the shape of the arm, and then thicken the bones of the dragon’s wings as well as the bones of his arm. 🦴

drawing dragon wings

Step 4: In this level of drawing, you will sketch the details of the wings, which will be even more realistic.

As you can see, there is a strip of skin connecting the arm to the dragon’s forearm, which should also be redrawn.

Erase all the landmarks and shapes you drew earlier 😉.

draw dragon wings

Step 5: When you are done, your dragon’s wings should look like the one shown above

Draw these wings on the next dragon you want to create and get an even more impressive silhouette. 👍


coloring the dragon wings

Step 6 (optional): when you are done, the dragon wings should look like the one shown above.

Draw these dragon wings on the next dragon you want to get an even more impressive silhouette.

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