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How to draw a Fire-Breathing Dragon step by step

how to draw a fire-breathing dragon step by step

Do you love art and are you in a flamboyant mood? That’s perfect! I’ve got just the thing for you, a tutorial on how to draw a fire-breathing dragon.

Many of us are still in a childish mood and love fantasy worlds. Personally, I love dragons, there is nothing more impressive than a fire-breathing dragon! 🔥

You’ll see, this guide is very simple and fun. All you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions.

The red lines represent what you need to draw and the gray lines will serve as markers to finalize your drawing. Grab a sheet of paper and a pencil and let’s go! ✏️

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How to draw a fire-breathing dragon ?

Step 1: We start this guide with the sketch of the fire breathing dragon. Start by making the basic shapes for the head and body.

Draw the neck and limb lines as above, then add the face guideline. Pay close attention to the joints at the knee. 🐉


How to draw a fire breathing dragon head

Step 2: Next, you need to sketch the head of the dragon. For me, I started with the horns, then worked on the forehead, the muzzle, then the left side of the jaw.

Also draw the tongue with a soft, droopy look. Make sure the mouth lines are thick to create a fierce effect.

How to draw nose a fire breathing dragon

Step 3: With thin lines, we will start and draw the inner details of the fire breathing dragon’s head.

This will help us form the facial features and elements like the eyes, teeth, scales and crest of the dragon.

You can use thick outlines for the basic silhouette, and thinner lines for the internal shapes. 🐲


How to draw ears of a fire breathing dragon

Step 4: Once the face is done, you can start drawing the body of the fire-breathing dragon.

Start by sketching the long neck with big curves, then continue to draw the back and shoulders.

Next, draw the first front leg, then add some details to the beast’s body, such as the folds under the arms.

How to draw tail of a fire breathing dragon

Step 5: Let’s keep the momentum going by focusing on the back side of the legendary animal.

The tail should have rounded, square-like curves to match the style of our fire-breathing dragon.

The use of many spikes enhances the sinister feel of the piece. Take your time, and start with the back leg first, then follow up by drawing the dragon’s tail.

How to draw paws of a fire breathing dragon

Step 6: Here we’re going to improve the appearance of our fire-breathing dragon.

Add some light strokes on his body to make his muscles stand out and then draw and complete the rest of the limbs.

After the front and back legs are done, complete this step by drawing the dragon’s powerful claws.


How to draw wings of a fire breathing dragon

Step 7: This step may seem difficult, but rest assured, by placing landmarks to mark the tips of the dragon’s wings, your task will be simplified.

Start drawing the left wing of the dragon, as this is probably the most difficult organ to work on.

Start with the forearm and then the hooked claw, then shape the different fingers of the wing in order using curved lines.

Proceed from the inside to the outside and repeat this for the right wing of the dragon.

How to draw neck of a fire breathing dragon

Step 8: Draw the long crest with sharp spikes running down the neck to the back of the fire-breathing dragon.

Add finish to the wings with light curved strokes to create the skin texture of the creature. We’re getting close to the end!

How to draw rock of a fire breathing dragon

Step 9: Now you will have to draw the cracked boulder that the dragon is standing on when it looks at its enemy or prey. The boulder will be made up of fairly random patterns and strokes as above.

Draw the silhouette with thicker strokes and the details with thinner or thinner lines.

You should get a solid looking boulder and take your time to make it look great. 👍


How to draw jet flame of a fire breathing dragon

Step 10: For the last step of your drawing, you have to draw the jet of fire that spouts from the mouth of your dragon.

Instead of making the flame too rigid (straight line), we’ll go for a wavy/irregular look instead.

🔥 When you’re done with the fire, you can rough up your drawings and erase your mistakes.

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Step 11: Here’s the end result you should approximately have once your fire-breathing dragon drawing is done. Isn’t it wonderful?

Now you can have fun adding a landscape in the background or changing the appearance of your dragon to your liking. ✍️


how to draw a dragon flying and breathing fire step by step

Step 12 (optional): Free to color your fire-breathing dragon. You can have fun choosing the colors of the fabulous beast.

The colors you choose will give a unique look and make your drawing more alive than ever!

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