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How to Draw a Dragon Easy

how to draw a dragon easy

A dragon drawing doesn’t have to be complicated. In this guide, we will make an easy dragon drawing. You’ll see, the result will be an adorable fire-breathing flying dragon. If you are a beginner or this is your first dragon drawing, we advise you to follow the instructions carefully. You will learn how to draw a dragon easy step by step. ?

Mystical creatures are dreamy and often very mysterious. What is magical is that you can bring your dragon to life with your imagination. All you need to start with is a pencil, an A4 sheet of paper and colored pencils, if you want to color the dragon. ✏

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Drawing a Silhouette of a Dragon Easy

You can put your sheet horizontally, in landscape format, it will allow you to add a background environment at the end. For steps 1 to 4, you will draw the sketch, don’t press too hard with your pencil. Let’s get started with this easy dragon drawing!

Step 1: Let’s start with the easy dragon’s head. To do this, draw a circle in the middle of your sheet of paper as a guide. Be careful, the bigger the circle, the bigger the dragon’s skull will be.

Step 2: Draw a second, slightly smaller circle below and to the right of the first. It will be a marker for the easy dragon’s chest.

Step 3: Draw a third circle overlapping the second on the right side. It is larger and cuts the 2nd circle in its center. It marks the belly and the back of our easy dragon.

Step 4: To get both face parts of our easy dragon, you will need to draw a curved/arched line. The line starts at the top of the head (first circle) to the bottom left. Refer to the image below.

Draw the Dragon Body Easy

The sketch of the easy dragon being now finished, we are going to get to the heart of the matter. You can make this dragon drawing your own by changing the position of the wings, tail or legs. You can also play with the distance between the different markers and the facial features to make your dragon unique. From here, you can take a pen or colored pencil if you want, no need to press lightly.

Step 5: Place your pencil at the top of the circle that forms the head of our easy dragon and draw a semi-circle on its right side.

Step 6: From the lower middle to the top of the head, draw the dragon’s small snout, nose and forehead. To draw the forehead, you must leave the mark on the head and draw it parallel to the curve that marks the division of the face in two. You now have the head, let’s move on to the body of the dragon easy.

Step 7: Draw the neck and belly of the easy dragon. Start with the head (from the bottom) and draw the curves along the second and third circle. Refer to the picture below.

Step 8: As in step 7, finish drawing the neck and back of the dragon. Follow the guide below, but don’t connect the back line to the belly, instead add a small curve upwards for the first hind leg of the easy dragon.

Step 9: Adds the first hind leg to the dragon. From the curve created in step 8, draw his foot at your convenience. Since it is the foot facing us, you can draw the line inside the circle to indicate the knee. We have drawn a bean-shaped foot with another curve to complete the leg of our easy dragon.

Step 10: Draw a smaller, second hind leg below the first, with a foot of the same style. The foot will be away from us, so keep the line connected to the circle, but do not draw inside it.

Step 11: Starting at the top where circles 2 and 3 meet, draw the first front leg of the style you want. We have drawn a simple paw with a thicker underside to indicate that this is the front paw of our easy dragon.

Step 12: Above the first hind leg, draw the tail of our easy dragon. We drew a curved and pointed tail for more charisma.

Step 13: We are now ready to draw the ridge or peaks of the easy dragon. Starting from the top of his head, draw inverted V shapes along the guideline of his face.

Step 14: Draw the V-shaped curved points from the left side along the top and back of the head to the neck of the easy dragon.

Draw the Dragon Wings Easy

Step 15-16: Add the dragon wings to the back. We have drawn an S-shaped curve with similarly shaped spikes that correspond to the crest of the easy dragon.

Step 17: With the wings in place, we continue to trace the spikes along the back to the tip of our dragon’s tail.

Step 18: Add a belly patch to the dragon by drawing a rounded line across its chest to its first hind leg.

Draw the Dragon Eyes Easy

Step 19: Draw the first eye of the dragon just where the bottom of the face guideline meets circle 1. A little tip, leave 1 to 2 small circles in the eyes for relief.

Step 20: Draw the second eye of the dragon a little larger than the first. Place it to the right and slightly higher than the first one. Add the same relief.

Step 21-22: Add eyebrows to our dragon. Draw small arches above his eyes.

Step 23-24: Adds nostrils. Draw small arched lines to finalize the nostrils of our easy dragon.

Step 25: Draw the dragon’s mouth in a style you like. We have drawn a small arch, so that our little dragon looks like it can spit fire with ease.

Draw the Dragon Flame Easy

Step 26-27 (optional): You can draw the fire coming out of your dragon’s mouth. To do this, draw the flame and add a second smaller and less detailed shape inside it.

Step 28: Complete your easy dragon drawing by erasing the guidelines.

Dragon Coloring Easy

Step 29 (optional): Here is the final result, congratulations to you. Now you can color your dragon with the colors of your choice. You can also decorate it with glitter or rhinestones. Make it unique and charismatic!

This tutorial serves as a basic example of an easy drawing of a dragon. The more you practice, the more you can personalize the drawing. Have fun drawing!

Adopt a Dragon in Your Turn!

We have just seen together how to draw a dragon easy step by step. You have surely assimilated some small drawing techniques thanks to this tutorial that you will be able to develop progressively. Don’t forget that there is no such thing as perfection, you can always improve by continuing to draw, especially beautiful dragons. ?

And if you want to take on new horizons, you can try drawing a dragon slightly more difficult. Once you have mastered a certain dragon design, add your own personal touch by modifying its shapes as you wish. ?

To be able to draw in all circumstances and to decorate your lair, you absolutely need a dragon lamp. They glow in the dark of all colors and can give you inspiration for your dragon drawings. Their 3D styles are special, they really give the impression of being really alive. You can discover it by clicking on the image just below. ?

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