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Feng Shui dragon : meaning and where to place it

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Everyone wants to improve their life in some way. Precisely, we are going to talk to you about a practice that is quite unknown in the western world. It is Feng Shui, in which the dragon has a place of its own.

Inspired by Taoist rites, this alternative science born in China 4000 years before J-C is very practiced in Asia and is beginning to prove itself in Europe.

It is based on a simple principle: the way in which you organize and arrange your environment, your room for example, influences the energy that circulates in it.

Dragon Figurine Feng Shui

Naturally, certain objects are reputed to have the power to facilitate these energy flows, such as paintings, furniture, and especially statues.

We advise you to continue reading the article if you want to know how to move your environment and purify it in a Feng Shui way, and if you want to know why the dragon has a very important role in the discipline.

The main principles of feng shui

In the Chinese doctrine of traditional Feng Shui, the places where we live and work must be in harmony with nature. This idea is based on Taoism in which we find the basic principles of Feng Shui: the position of command, the Bagua and the 5 elements.

a) the command position

feng shui command position

The command position is a specific point in a room that is as far away as possible from the front door, not in direct line with it.

Ideally, your door should be unobstructed and you should be able to see in front of you without being obstructed by objects.

This basic principle will allow you to determine where you spend the most time in your room. For example, if we’re talking about your bedroom, it will most likely be your desk and bed.

It will be very important to place them in a certain way to better organize your life and your mental state. Feng shui design is an art!

feng shui room command position

In the example above, the room is organized in a Feng Shui way: the most important elements of the bed and the desk are placed at the diagonal of the door.

Why are they so important? The bed is the place for recuperation, development of dreams and creativity: almost a third of our time is devoted to it.

A real living space! As for the desk, it is an extension of your work and therefore of your (future) career. It is extremely important to place these living objects in an optimal way!

You must apply the second principle just as well if you want to encourage the circulation of chi for a harmonious environment and a Zen decor.

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b) Bagua, the nine zones of Feng Shui

The Bagua is a map of the energies that you must put on your floor in order to better place your objects in each room and reorganize your life.

It works by feng shui colors and by location. Take a look below, you will better understand.

You have to imagine that you are entering your room, which will be divided into 9 areas, each of which has its own importance:

– The most important is health, it is placed in the center of your room and corresponds to objects of yellow and orange colors.

– The family in the center on the left, which corresponds to elements of green color.

Children and creativity in the center on the right with white objects.On the back left we find the welfare and prosperity, with purple elements.

– At the center-back the social circle and reputation, where you will have to place red elements.

– On the back right, the couple and relationships (light pink elements)

– In the foreground we find the professional career with black objects.

– On the front left is general culture and knowledge.

– Finally, the front right corresponds to the travels and encounters you may make in your life with objects in shades of grey.

There, you tell yourself that it’s probably too many zones, and you prefer to give up Feng Shui… especially not! In reality, it is difficult to organize everything according to this map.

home feng shui

That’s why it is recommended to organize your rooms according to 3 or 4 areas maximum which are the most important for you!

For example, if you are a career person, you will tend to focus on the social circle, health, knowledge and culture, and of course the professional.

On the other hand, if your goal is to meet your loved one and start a family, you will tend to focus on relationships, the social circle, or travel. You need to arrange your home according to the priorities in your life.

Let’s move on to the last principle.

c) the five elements

We have developed this part a lot in our blog article on Chinese horoscopes: don’t hesitate to consult it, it’s very interesting! Here again, the idea is simple: water, earth, metal and wood would be in permanent interaction to create a balance.

feng shui 5 elements

Again, it is a matter of choosing what kind of positive energy you want to bring into your home, and by extension into your life.

the earth

It corresponds to stable, confident people. This element is to be privileged in the Bagua areas of health, knowledge and relationships.


Corresponds to beauty and efficiency. This element is to be privileged in the Bagua travel and children’s areas.

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Corresponds to energy and vivacity. This element is to be privileged in the Bagua zone of the quarry.


Corresponds to vitality. Privileges this element for the areas of family and prosperity.


Corresponds to passion. To be preferred for the bagua zone of fame.

Now you will see that the dragon has a special interest in Feng Shui: it should not be placed just anyhow.

The use and placement of the dragon in feng shui

dragon in feng shui

The Dragon is a powerful traditional symbol in Feng Shui, many statues with its effigy are placed at the entrance or inside houses as a sign of protection.

In addition to being a beautiful decoration, it can be a formidable weapon in your life if you use it in the right way. Indeed, it represents the symbol of Yang in spirituality, source of strength and power.

We will see how to use it in the most optimal way.But before we do that, we need to go back to its importance in symbolism. ?

a) a powerful symbol

The Dragon as used in Feng Shui is a Chinese Dragon, which is a benevolent creature full of strength and wisdom.

Often it is associated with a bead under his chin or in his hand, which represents well-being, power and prosperity. It is contrasted with the European Dragon, which on the other hand is evil by nature.

dragon pearl

Used respectfully and accurately, feng shui dragon can greatly help to circulate positive energies throughout your home, or your office at your workplace for example. Do not hesitate to use it!

b) which objects should be used?

Even if the most common are clearly statues or figurines, probably because of their ease of integration into the decoration and their effectiveness, they are not the only choices available.

One can also use paintings, carpets, natural stones, or even tapestry. Nevertheless, it is important to respect the colors and the 9 zones of Feng Shui if we do not want to do things for nothing.

On the contrary, not to be rigorous and attentive in its demarcation could block the positive energies.

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It would be judicious for example to choose a Dragon Paintings that inspires positivity. Wooden frames and handmade canvases are made of natural elements that allow a fluid flow of energy.

We also often see the dragon coupled with Buddha, icon of happiness and wisdom. Attention: you cannot place your objects in any place, there are rules to be respected.

c) where to place the feng shui dragon?

As in every discipline, there are things to do, and things not to do.

feng shui placement

Concretely, what is a good place to place your dragon?

The first possibility is to place his dragon statue, his figurine…according to his direction of luck. That is to say that you can take your map of the nine Feng Shui zones, then direct your object by orienting it towards a zone that you have chosen.

For example if you want to privilege your well-being, your relaxation and your prosperity, it will be favorable to direct it towards this back-left zone.

But more generally, you should place your dragon in a well-ventilated, spaced out area in which the energies flow freely. It is said in this case that there is a good Chi, a good flow of energies.

For example, a living room will be perfect. However, make sure that your object is always facing inwards, i.e. towards the living room, never towards the window or the door.

feng shui house

We specifically recommend certain pieces that promote the flow of energy:

The room: You can place the dragon in your room as long as you couple it with a phoenix. These two creatures together form the symbol of love and prosperity in the couple.

On the other hand, placing the dragon alone is a dangerous bet since it releases a lot of energy. It could disturb your sleep because of an imbalance between Ying and Yang.

The Office: Place the dragon on the wall behind your desk, but avoid placing it in front of it: it creates an opposition between you. The positive effect is simply an improvement in your concentration at work.

The kitchen: It is recommended to place the dragon in front of the water source, in this case it will be the sink. This will improve the purity of the water.

feng shui kitchen

Placement in the Feng Shui “East” zones: If you look at the map, this zone is dominated by the wood element. It is particularly suitable for a figurine or a statuette in this material!

d) places and things to avoid

Like Yin Yang and everything else in this world, the best thing is balance. If misused, the dragon can have undesirable effects and attract bad energies. Here are the things not to do:

– Place the Feng Shui dragon in low energy areas such as the bathroom, closet or garage.

– Avoid placing too many dragons in your home. You can use a maximum of 5 dragons in the whole house. You should also distribute them, otherwise you will concentrate too much energy in one room and produce the opposite effect.

– Do not place the dragon too high. Ideally, it should be at the same height as your eyes.

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Dragon planet makes you switch to feng shui!

If you want to both decorate your home and create a Zen atmosphere while making energies flow easily in your environment, take a look at our collection of Dragon statues and improve your life!