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Drake Name Meaning

Drake name meaning

If you thought Drake was a stage name, you’re wrong. Drake is the rapper’s middle name. Find out what it means.

Drake, a First Name From Latin

Originally, the first name Drake comes from the German word “Drakk” which means “Dragon“. The first name was changed to Drake in the United States to make it a contraction of Dragon and Snake (Dr for dragon and Ake for snake). Drake’s real name Aubrey Drake Graham is of Canadian origin. Son of a Catholic father and a Jewish mother, he lives with his mother after his parents’ divorce. Very famous, his first name is very popular and many parents do not hesitate to adopt him for their children.

drake meaning name

When Drake Became a Famous Name

baby name drake meaning

Many parents don’t hesitate to give their children the names of stars they adore. This is the case for Drake. He became famous in the 2000s thanks to the Degrassi series, but it is a little later that he will experience a meteoric rise. In 2010, he released his first album “Thank Me Later”. The album was a top-selling album and hundreds of fans decided to name their baby Drake. A kind of tribute to the one who was elected “nicest rapper” by the newspaper “Rap and people”.

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