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Dragons in Game of Thrones

dragons in game of thrones

Everything You Need to Know About the Dragons in Game of Thrones

Today, we’re going to tackle the thorny subject of the mythical creatures of the series! Well, why not talk about the Dragons of Game of Thrones, THE series of the last 10 years not to be missed?

A television adaptation of the best-selling novel, Game of Thrones is an American fantasy science fiction television series broadcast on the American channel OCS.

The trailer already reveals an imaginary world out of the ordinary in which we find many characters belonging to noble houses and creatures more impressive one than the other: Trolls, giants, undead, ghosts, and above all…Dragons. ?

Guerre Game of Thrones dragons

Synopsis : The series takes place in a universe where the seasons can last for years . Everything takes place on the continent of Westeros, home to seven kingdoms in conflict until they are reunited in peace by the Targaryen family thanks to dragons . These Dragons find themselves extinct for millennia until they return to Daenerys Targaryen, a descendant of the family and ready to fight and take the Iron Throne …burning anyone who stands in their way. ?

1) Game of Thrones: the History of Dragons

A) the Beginning

In the Game of Thrones universe, there are several sources and plots about the origin of the Dragons:

For the Valerians, the Dragons were born in a gigantic chain of volcanoes in the Valerian Peninsula.
In Qarth, legend has it that a second moon mysteriously appeared, the sun burned it and it cracked like an egg with millions of dragons in it. ?
Finally, the ancient Counts of Asshai tell that a group of magi tamed these Dragons, and brought them to Valyria, an ancient ghost town of Essos (the “continents” being divided into regions in Game of Thrones Essos is one of them).

Valyria game of thrones

Essos, Valyria, Qarth all that…you may (surely) think you don’t understand anything about it. And that’s normal. Here is the Game of Thrones map to make it easier for you:

Game of Thrones map

As you can see, each continent (which is actually a region) has the areas and cities mentioned above. To these areas are connected houses, i.e. clans or families with their own languages and customs, but we won’t confuse you.

Remember especially the Targaryen house. Let’s continue!

B) Domination

Dragons, as a weapon of mass carbonization, were used profusely in wars. Since man has an unfortunate tendency to manipulate and tame everything, these winged creatures have not escaped it. ?

game of thrones dragons

The Valerians used the Dragons to conquer the Old Kingdom of Ghis and as a result only 5 of them survived and were extradited to Dragonstone, a terrifying castle well known from the series, also considered the Kingdom of Dragons. ?

Unfortunately, 4 die and there will be only one left: Balerion . However, some dragon eggs were left before their last breath which will give birth to two other creatures : Vhagar and Meraxes .

The Dragons became the exclusive property of the Targaryens, who have a physical particularity : an insensitivity to fire . SPOILERS : this is confirmed when Daenerys Targaryen repeatedly crosses the flames. She will then lose her clothes but will not suffer any physical damage … rather epic! ?

khaleesi immune to fire
khaleesi immune to fire

They would therefore be the natural and logical descendants of the Dragons. This is how they reigned as masters for 150 years in wars by riding them and burning everything in their path. ☠️

Among them is Viserys I, the fifth Targaryen king, who rode Balerion until his death. But this domination could not last forever…

C) Extinction

During the reign of Viserys I, only 20 Dragons were still alive. A great mage, Marwyn was ordered to kill the remaining ones, which were considered far too dangerous. Two years later, there were only 4 dragons left alive. A female gave eggs but none hatched. It was then that the reign of the Dragons came to an end with her death.

Many attempts were made to hatch the petrified dragon eggs through prayer, magic or fire but to no avail. This marked the total extinction of the creatures, forever. Or rather, that’s what everyone believed…?

D) the Resurrection

The story continues hundreds of years later. We follow the story of Daenerys Targaryen, then considered as a servant girl promised to a forced marriage with a warrior. During this marriage, she receives as a gift 3 mysterious petrified Dragon eggs with which she feels a special connection… Does this mean anything to you?

dragon eggs game of thrones
The 3 eggs of Daenerys: Black, yellow and golden.

After several attempts, it is during a crazy and daring experiment that Daenerys eggs will hatch. She lit a big fire and went inside with her future newborns and the strategy paid off: they broke their shells and immediately recognized their mother: the Dragons are back. Good news or bad news? The following will tell us…

dragons birth game of thrones

2) the Characteristics of Dragons

A) Appearance

As you probably already know, classic European dragons have two legs and two wings. George R. R. Martin, the creator of Game of Thrones wanted to break away from the traditional design by giving his creatures four legs and two wings.

Dragon Four Paws

They have strong jaws, leather wings, a long neck, long tail, sharp teeth and claws. When they are born, they are no bigger than a cat but can potentially grow indefinitely as long as they have enough food and freedom. That’s how some Dragons can measure more than 6m in only 1 year and a half!

For example, Balerion was the tallest Targaryen Dragon and measured a staggering 12m, capable of swallowing a mammoth in one bite.

Balerion Game of Thrones

Moreover the skulls of the Targaryen Dragons would look like glittering Onyx and their teeth like curved black diamond daggers. Note that due to a high iron content, dragon bones are black ?.

B) Magical Characteristics

Dragons would be made of flesh made of fire. The temperature inside the body of a Dragon would be on average 150°C ? to the point that steam escapes when they breathe on cold nights.

Dragon scales are quite resistant to blows: swords, arrows…and fire! They are used as protection because its musculature is vulnerable underneath. They are the opposite of humans: the older they get, the harder their scales get and therefore the more protected they are.

dragon scales

The older Dragons also have a stronger flame until they can melt the stone. The lifespan of a Dragon is several hundred years. Dragons are believed to be directly related to magic. The proof: since the death of the last Dragon, summers have become shorter and winters much colder and crueler.

game of thrones winter

C) Dragon Eggs

It has been suggested that the fact that the Dragon lays eggs directly identifies the creature as a female. You have understood it well, in the opposite case it would be designated as male. Other magi consider their sex to be changeable at will.

Traditionally, Targaryen princes would receive a dragon’s egg in their cradle, allowing them to bond with it as soon as the eggs hatched. This tradition began when Princess Rhaena Targaryen placed a dragon egg in the cradle of her brothers and sisters. ?

It was later customary to place a dragon’s egg in the cradle of a newborn princess.

D) Dragon Riders

One thing you should know: Dragons are very temperamental by nature. They are also very intelligent and can be used as mounts of war, as well as hearing and understanding vocal commands. ?️

So who can have the honor of riding and taming a dragon? Only those whose blood allows it. This is how in the families of Dragon Riders we see many marriages between brothers and sisters to keep the purity of the lineage.

Violetta Dima Daenerys Viserys
A bit creepy indeed…

Possession of Valerian blood does not guarantee the ability to tame and ride a Dragon. On the other hand, there is much more chance for Targaryen blood! Once a Dragon has bonded with a rider, no one will be able to ride on his back until he dies.

Dragons that have already had a rider in their lives are easier to bind than wild dragons. There would be a special bond between the rider and his dragon, like twins, since the dragon could sense if his rider is injured and he himself suffers and vice versa.

3) Daenerys Dragons

A) Rhaegal

It is one of the three dragons born in the desolate lands of Lhazar, along with Drogon and Viserion. He was named after and inspired by Daenerys’ older brother, Rhaegar.

Rhaegar game of throne

Eldest son of Mad King Aerys II Targaryen, he is simply the father of Jon Snow, whom he had secretly with Lyanna Stark. He will hardly be present in the series because he dies well before the beginning of the story.


Most of the Rhaegal’s scales are emerald green, and some bronze scales on his neck and tail. Its wings are of a green-orange color. When Daenerys reached Westeros with Rhaegal, many scales on the dorsal side of Rhaegal became black.



Rhaegal is a little bit the “middle of the gang” in the 3 Dragons. He is less aggressive than Drogon (who we’ll see right after), but can be ferocious if his mother Daenerys is ever threatened.

He is quite wild and answers with difficulty to his mother at the beginning of the series: despite the fact that she speaks his language and can communicate orders to him, he is EVERYTHING but docile… Fortunately, he later matures and his mother’s life means more than anything to him.

B) Drogon

Like his brothers, Drogon was born in the desolate lands of Lhazar. He is named after the sadly deceased husband of Daenerys, Khal Drogo.

Khal Drogo


Drogon is distinguished by its red and black scales and wings of the same color. It has red eyes. He is the personal mount of Daenerys and also the most powerful dominant Dragon. As you have seen before, the growth of dragons depends largely on their food and especially on their freedom. ⛓️

Thus Drogon will be the largest and most massive among his brothers since they will remain chained for a year in Meereen while he will be able to hunt and fly as he pleases. In seven years, he grew from the size of a kitten to that of a huge whale.



Drogon is the least shy of the 3 dragons when it comes to interacting with humans, but he is by far the most aggressive: he gets angry very easily. Paradoxically, he is the most obedient to Daenerys’ orders and takes the initiative in confrontations. He is very close to his mother and needs her affection more than others.

He is therefore naturally the most protective of his mother: he defends her fiercely and feels immediately if she is in danger. ✊


However, Drogon is the creature with the most empathy. We can see this when he takes care of his mother after the death of Jorah Mormont, his eternal faithful and friend, during the Battle of Winterfell. He is also very close to his brothers and takes care to defend them as much as he can.

When Drogon discovers the lifeless body of his mother, taken by an enormous grief, he decides to destroy the Iron Throne by melting it under the blow of his flame power, a throne responsible for so many deaths and wars for hundreds of years. We can conclude that Drogon has the most mature mind of all, going far beyond the stage of a simple creature. Some theories even suggest that his body is inhabited by a human spirit, in the form of a reincarnation.

C) Viserion

Its name was inspired by Daenerys’ older brother, Viserys Targaryen, also son of the mad king Aerys II of the same name. By the way, if you’ve seen the series, you know that it won’t last long…?

Viserys Targaryen

To make a long story short, he is a cruel man who is ready to do absolutely everything to regain the throne, which according to him is his rightful place…a small quote to illustrate his kindness of soul :

Viserys Targaryen: “We go home with an army,with Khal Drogo’s army. I would let his whole tribe fuck you, all 40,000 men and their horses to, if that’s what it took.”

Now that you have gotten to know the character, let’s move on to the analysis of the terrible Viserion.


It is distinguishable by its cream and golden scales and red-orange wings. If you have seen the series, he later becomes an Ice Dragon and the servant of the Night King in a scene that shocked everyone. We’ll talk more about it later. ?



Viserion is globally the quietest of the band. Like his brothers, he will not hesitate to attack any person or creature that would harm the mother of dragons.

4) the Evolution of Dragons Got

As you might expect, the Dragons have evolved over the seasons. Here is a short summary. No need to watch hours of drama, you have everything you need here.

A) Season 1

During the first episode, we arrive with the following starting point: the Dragons have disappeared for thousands of years. They are thus considered as a myth. As you read earlier, we find Daenerys, who is offered 3 petrified Dragon eggs: This is the birth of the draconic trio: Viserion, Drogon and Rhaegal.

For the most curious, you can easily find the image on Google…

In the first season, when everyone thought it was going to burn in the inferno, the unthinkable happened: the resurrection of the mythical creatures that everyone thought were extinct.

B) Season 2

The young mother is trying to understand the behavior and eating habits of her Dragons. She tries to give them raw meat, but later understands that they only eat meat cooked by themselves, with their flames. ?

Later, the dragons will be captured in Qarth and imprisoned in the Hotel of the Undying. A great sorcerer called Pyat Pree invites Daenerys to find his children.

house of the undying

Torn by the cry of her crying dragons to her rescue, she finds them in chains and manages to get them out. A masterstroke!

C) Season 3

We see Daenerys arrive at the Bay of the Slaves, with the aim of obtaining an army of over-powerful soldiers: the Immaculate. She makes a pact with the master of the slaves, Kraznys, who does not take her seriously and offers her 8000 Immaculate against Drogon. But if you followed, you know that the Dragons are faithful only to their owner.

In a spectacular scene, the Mother of Dragons proposes to the thousands of immaculate people to kill their masters who have made them suffer so much for years, and a flamboyant “dracarys“, Drogon charms Kraznys, who pays with his life for his abominations.

D) Season 4

The Daenerys’ Dragons have grown up well, to the point of easily devouring sheep. Daenerys tries to calm Drogon as he takes it out on other owners’ sheep, but gets angry at her. She then understands that it will be very difficult to tame such overpowering creatures…

Daenerys' Dragons feed sheep

And she was right. The protagonists burn and hunt hundreds of sheep belonging to other owners. The mother then reluctantly makes a decision: lock Viserion and Rhaegal in the Great Pyramid, while Drogon will remain untraceable.

great pyramid got

E) Season 5

After several weeks without seeing her Dragons, Daenerys goes back to see them where she had left them. They are much more aggressive towards her and still seem to have grown enormously. She decides to leave them there until the situation calms down.

Later, the Sons of the Harpy try to assassinate Daenerys. Drogon rushes in to save his mother, and kills many of them. Daenerys rides on the back of his film and thus becomes the first dragon rider in a century.

Sons of the Harpy

F) Season 6

Tension rises. ⬆️

Tyrion, brother of Jaime Lannister and disowned son of the family, discovers the two dragons of Daenerys locked in the Great Pyramid. He discusses with the head of the army of the immaculate and accuses the Targaryens of being responsible for the extinction of the dragons, because they locked them up and thus prevented them from being strong enough afterwards.

Tyrion dragon meeting

Meanwhile, our dear Drogon has grown twice his size. The effect of freedom and food in profusion. Finally, Rhaegal & Viserion manage to break their chains and escape from the Pyramid to join their powerful brothers. Will they blame Daenerys? ?

G) Season 7

The teaser of the season didn’t foresee anything good, and indeed the drama is at its peak, although many consider that the writers have gone peanut from then on.

Cersei Lannister, Tyrion’s despicable and heartless sister, learns of the existence of the Daenerys Dragons, in other words THE threat that must be eliminated. The idea is to build a scorpion, a ballistic bow powerful enough to shoot arrows from hundreds of yards and pierce a dragon’s skeleton. ?

Then comes the Battle of the Golden Road, during which Daenerys faces the enemy on the back of his dragon. Unfortunately, the Scorpion is rather efficient and touches Drogon’s shoulder.

Later, Daenerys is found in the middle of winter, trying to rescue former Night’s Watch member Jon Snow, son of Ned Stark and brother of Sansa Stark, who has gone to repel the army of the dead and the King of the Night beyond the Wall. ❄️

Just as the game is thought to be won, the King of the Night receives an ice spear from one of his servants. He aims at Viserion…he waits…1, 2, 3 seconds…he throws with amazing speed…and pierces the dragon’s throat and kills him with a sharp blow. ?

Viserion king of night

Poor Viserion collapses in agony and his body sinks into a lake of ice. The series ends with the most disturbing twist: the King of the Night takes Viserion out of the icy lake and brings him back to life. He thus becomes his servant and his mount, which greatly amplifies his power…?

viderion brings back to life

As you can see, his appearance and characteristics have changed: he has blue eyes, like white walkers, and spits out blue flames, a reference to the same color, or which can also symbolize the tenfold power of the flame (a blue flame is more powerful than an orange/yellow flame).

The King of the Night manages to destroy the wall and pass with his army. Let the invasion begin!

destroy wall got

H) Season 8

Beware, these episodes are full of twists and turns.

We discover in the last season that the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch has Targaryen blood, and as such he manages to ride Rhaegal quite easily. ? The army of the dead is coming, let the first battle begin!

Rhaegal and Drogon fight their brother, who has nothing left of what he used to be. Finally, the King of the Night is killed by Arya Stark (sister of the late Robb Stark) just before he finishes with his brother, Bran Stark. The prophecy is carried out. It is the moment for the two dragons to say definitively goodbye to their brother…

version dead

It’s time to lead the second battle: the one against Cersei. ? In this episode of the season, it’s the second hard blow: a scorpion violently and cruelly kills Rhaegal, making the legendary Drogon the one and only remaining dragon in the Game of Thrones universe.

Rhaegal dead

After the loss of his two children, Daenerys completely loses his mind to the point of wanting to destroy everything, including the inhabitants of the town where Cersei is hiding. This turns the city into a veritable furnace and an open-air cemetery.

Battle of King's Landing

Faced with Daenerys’ loss of reason, Jon has no choice but to murder her with a single sword in the belly, after the thousands of victims she has taken with her. Drogon, her child, sees the scene. And he is going to kill Jon. Yes, the eighth season is no laughing matter.

Although this would have been the logical choice, it is obviously wrong…as a creature with an uncommon intelligence, he will make sure that there is no one left to put on the throne by melting him down. In this way, he hopes to put an end to the too many victims of bloody battles. At the end of the series, Drogon takes his mother’s lifeless body and flies away, never to be seen again.

Fact: The last episode of the series was watched by 19.3 million viewers, while the TV series averaged between 10 and 25 million people per season. A record! Let’s not talk about the total budget of the series, which is staggering: 1.5 billion dollars! ?

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