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Dragon’s Dogma Anime: The adapted game series of Netflix

After “Castlevania”, Netflix is adapting a new video game in series with “Dragon’s Dogma”. The series, based on the Capcom title, is already launched on the platform.

Dragon’s Dogma Anime Netflix: an aesthetics specific to Netflix animation !

Dragon's Dogma Anime Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Dragon’s Dogma (Netflix) Release Date

Claiming one’s heart stolen by a gigantic dragon is no small matter! Yet it’s destiny that awaits the hero of Netflix’s next Japanese animated series, Dragon’s Dogma. As announced by the Twitter streaming platform (below), this series begin on September 17. As its name suggests, it is an adaptation of the eponymous video game, developed and published by Capcom in 2012. For those interested, it is now available on all consoles and on PC in a “reworked” version, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen.

The Arisen dragon’s dogma protagonist

In Dragon’s Dogma, Ethan, a young inhabitant of a village called Cassadris, loses a duel to the death against a huge red dragon, back after a hundred years of absence in the region. The protagonist does not lose his life, however: the dragon steals his heart and transforms him into “Arisen”. In order to regain his humanity, Ethan will have to regain his heart from the claws of this fire-spitting destroyer of the world and face seven demons, incarnations of the seven deadly sins. To do this, he obtains the power to summon “Pawns”, human beings who are also endowed with powers but subject to his will. The first season of the Netflix series will be led by Ethan and his first Pawn, Hannah.

Dragon’s Dogma Anime Netflix

Dragon’s Dogma Anime Netflix Development

The series is developed by the Japanese animation studios Sublimation, in partnership with Anima and David Productions. It is directed by Shinya Sugai, behind the short film Walking Meat, and written by Kurasumi Sunayama, screenwriter of the Cyborg 009 trilogy.

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