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Dragon Plush: Top 10 of the Cutest Animals

dragon plush top 10 of the cutest animals

The Top 10 of our Dragon Plushies

Whether they are crushed by hugs, worn around the neck, or intended to be used for endless snacks, plush toys will never cease to be your child’s best friend.

With their infinitely adorable faces and squeezable bodies, these plush toys make great cuddly toys for little ones’ comfort (Note: don’t put stuffed animals – or anything else – in babies’ cradles).

From traditional peaks (hello, teddy!) to cuddly toys that give back to the world, find your child’s favorite cuddling companion here :

Cute Baby Dragon Plush

How can you resist this adorable Baby Dragon plush? A crunchy little creature that will bring you nothing but good things and happiness!

Shenron Dragon Plush

An lovely Chinese Dragon plush imagined by the famous Shenron from the manga Dragon Ball. No need to collect crystal balls to make your wish come true!

Charizard Dragon Plush

This cute plush Charizard wants to be part of your team. Despite its strong fire dragon appearance, this little orange plushie is easy to capture!

Cute Dragon Plush

Hurry up! He needs a hug! Don’t be unaware of the sadness of this cute little Dragon plush. This cuddly toy feels lonely. Comfort him by keeping him company!

Pokemon Dragon Plush

Quite unusual to see Pikachu disguised as a dragon, isn’t it? Go back to your childhood in company of this Pokemon Dragon plush!

Toothless Dragon Plush

Dragon 3 movie fan? Light Fury and Toothless will be happy to kiss you! This Dragon plushie will keep you nice and cuddly and will help you sleep like a baby.

Sleepy Dragon Plush

This cute sleepy Yellow Dragon plush is a wonderful gift for that special someone. A cute plushie that will bring big smiles to faces!

Jellycat Dragon Plush

Once upon a time…

Who would have thought that dragons could be so charming? This sweet little jellycat storyteller will quickly put your child to sleep by reading famous fairy tales with a soothing voice and gentle movements.

The Maleficent Giant Dragon Plush

This Fire Dragon plush can revive your inner flame with its sweet side. Adopt this evil giant to spend happy moments!

Rayquaza Dragon Plush

This adorable long Rayquaza Dragon plush features a legendary third generation Pokémon. Capture it to become a strong and renowned trainer!

Ender Dragon Plush

This pretty plush toy, based on the Dragon Ender from the famous Minecraft game, will be your companion in your everyday adventures!

Aerodactyl Dragon Plush

Adopt this pretty Pink Plush with the effigy of a beautiful monster who is the Cynder Dragon! It will only spit fire only in your fantasies.

The advantages of plush toys

Outside the family, one of the very first relationships your child will develop will probably be with a beloved stuffed animal. These sweet and adorable friends are more than just a toy. For a child, a stuffed animal is a companion with whom they can interact and identify. Plush toys allow children to play scenarios and explore emotions they don’t yet fully grasp, to practice newly acquired skills and to develop their sense of independence.

What are the benefits associated with plush toys?

Offering comfort

The world can be a scary place, but no matter how far children travel, or the strange new worlds they encounter, a precious plush toy represents the security and familiarity they can take with them. When faced with new situations, a plush friend can help a child adapt and feel less vulnerable.

Strengthening Confidence

Young children don’t have much control over their world, so a cuddly toy can provide an outlet for their own need for independence. By parenting their toys, children take charge for once, which builds their confidence.

Dealing with emotions

Young children often play role-playing games with stuffed toys and dolls. When children are experiencing emotions that they don’t fully understand, playing with their toys can be a safe and positive way to learn how to deal with their feelings.

Practicing social skills

Relationships with siblings, parents and new friends can also benefit from the role-playing that children do with their stuffed toys. Through imaginary interactions, children learn to empathize and practice behaviors they have seen shaped by those around them.

Language skills

When children first learn to speak, they are excited to use their new skills. Conversations with their stuffed animals help them develop this muscle. Practice makes perfect!

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