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Dragon Planet is dedicated to all true dragon fans and has been the number one choice for dragon jewelry for years. In collaboration with experienced jewelers, we offer high quality rings, bracelets and necklaces in our online store with a satisfaction guarantee.
We strive to fulfill all your orders as quickly as possible and fulfill your wildest fantasies.

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Looking for a dragon necklace or a wolf ring? At Dragon Planet, our online catalog for dragon lovers, you’ll find several hundred pieces straight from the dragon’s nest. From a range of mythical wyvern pieces to collections of sterling silver, gold and stainless steel jewelry, Dragon Planet has a variety to suit all your needs, from the smallest to the largest. All of our products are selected with the utmost care by our trained staff.

Dragon Bracelets

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Looking for a beautiful dragon ring?

Given the wide range of rings we offer, we have developed this online site to provide our customers with a user-friendly interface that makes online costume jewelry shopping as enjoyable and intuitive as possible. To do so, we have divided our catalog into more than thirty collections, such as: Dragon Rings / Dragon Necklaces / Dragon Earrings / Dragon Bracelets and more…..

Dragon Rings

Find out the best dragon rings, silver and stailess steel

Chinese Dragon Jewelry

Dragon PlanetĀ® was born out of our desire to offer high quality products to dragon fans. We work hand in hand with our jewelers and choose only the best materials. If you are a fantasy fan and are looking for high quality handmade jewelry dedicated to your favorite monster, take note. We are here for you. If you have any suggestions, questions or requests for collaboration, feel free to email contact.dragonplanet@gmail.com or via our Contact page.

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