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Dragon and Phoenix Meaning and Symbolism

dragon and phoenix meaning

The Dragon and the Phoenix are the two most powerful symbols of success and prosperity in Chinese mythology.

In Feng Shui, they are considered the ultimate symbol of love and life as a couple.

They are also part of the four celestial animals along with the Tiger and the Turtle.

Let’s see in detail what the Dragon and the Phoenix can bring you in your sentimental and professional life.

Everything you need to know about the Dragon and Phoenix

If you want to improve your love life and bring happiness to your marriage or relationship, post them in your home.

Not only do they strengthen the love relationship, but they also rekindle the lost spark with their energy.

They are even a perfect symbol for bachelors waiting for their true love. The Dragon and the Phoenix are considered a perfect couple and a symbol of love in Feng Shui, which is why they are considered a sign of good omen that invites bliss in marriage.

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phoenix and dragon meaning symbolism

Dragon and Phoenix Yin Yang

The Dragon is the “Yang” while the Phoenix is the “Yin“, a perfect balance necessary for a successful married life. When the Dragon and the Phoenix unite, they symbolize love, harmony and unity.

The Dragon symbolizes the man and the Phoenix symbolizes the woman. This means that the man and his wife will stay together no matter what happens and will support each other in difficult times.

Their love and passion will be eternal. These two symbols guarantee the blessing of the patriarch and the matriarch.

If you place them together in a home, the result will be a successful and harmonious marriage.

dragon and phoenix yin yang

Yang Dragon Symbol of Strength

The Dragon is the most powerful and majestic creature in Chinese folklore, and is therefore highly revered by followers of the classical or traditional schools of Feng Shui.

Power, undeniable authority and fearsome splendor are essentially masculine (yang) qualities, and the dragon represents the true Yang part of the Yin Yang energy of the dragon and phoenix couple.

The dragon has an unparalleled imperial status. Chinese emperors called themselves dragons, which shows how famous they were for their strength and prestige. The Dragon reveals the essence of life through its celestial breath.

He has the ability to produce cosmic “Chi” from his breath, which is the basis of Feng Shui studies.

It is said that the Dragon is the ultimate representation of the forces of Mother Nature, the greatest divine force on Earth. The yang is the white sphere with the black dot.

The Chinese Dragon is often considered the supreme symbol of the sky, a symbol of vigilance and incredible strength.

The dragon is in charge of the eastern quadrant of the sky and represents the sunrise, the good beginning and hope.

As a mythical animal, the dragon can frighten away wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent, bless each of them with safety and increase the wealth of all those who wear its emblem.

dragon yang

The Chinese dragon is considered the ultimate symbol of good fortune. Today, all Feng Shui masters treat the Dragon with great respect and consider the symbols of the Dragon as their ultimate possession.

Yin Phoenix Symbol of Harmony

The phoenix is a mythical bird that represents femininity, the power of rebirth and transformation.

Considered a symbol of the Empress, the Phoenix reigns over all other winged creatures. It is said to eliminate all negative “Chi” or quarrelsome energies from a relationship through its fiery energy.

It is also the appropriate symbol for single women seeking true love. The Phoenix would bring out and amplify the positive traits of a woman.

yin phoenix

This mythological bird is often associated with the dragon as a symbol of marital happiness.

Alone, the phoenix possesses the “Yang” energy, and when associated with the dragon, it symbolizes the “Yin” (feminine energies).

Able to rise from its ashes to reach larger spheres, the Feng shui element associated with the phoenix is fire.

In the traditional Feng shui school, the phoenix is the celestial animal that guards the main entrance, or front of the house.

Why is this? Because the best houses in China are considered to be those facing south. Yin is the black side.

The divine bird spreads luck, success and prosperity. The Phoenix surprises people by turning bad luck into good luck.

The Phoenix can give you a road full of opportunities for your business, your job, your career or any other activity in your life.

Because it is associated with the South Corner, its presence will bring you fame and popularity.

Dragon and Phoenix the “Perfect Balance”

A harmonious marriage represents a balanced pair in which both husband and wife can fully express their unique energies.

The yin-yang energy of the dragon and the phoenix together has become a feng shui symbol – a circle of two energies, forming a shape resembling the classic yin-yang symbol.

The Dragon and Phoenix is a symbolic duet whose motifs are the most powerful of all Chinese imperial decorations.

chinese dragon and phoenix

Dragon and phoenix designs remain a popular element on Chinese clothing, jewelry and many home decorating accessories.

Since the dragon and the phoenix are mythical creatures, they can be represented in slightly different ways to match the vision of different artists, and also to create specific associations.

For the use of Feng shui, one can choose either a sculpture or a painting/illustration.

The best way to use the dragon and the phoenix as a love cure is to place it in your bedroom.

In summary the Dragon and Phoenix bring to people in search of love or love stability :

  • A true and prosperous love relationship
  • Professional opportunities and success
  • Healthy offspring and family
  • To find true love, one’s soul mate
yang chinese dragon

Where to Place the Phoenix Dragon Symbol ?

The location of the Phoenix Dragon in a room changes its meaning. Put them together, and you will get the best combination for a relationship to develop and flourish.

Be aware that Feng Shui depends primarily on your own belief system and your commitment to maintain the relationship. It is not magic that will make your problems disappear.

You must also make a small effort for the good of your relationship or your future love life.

  • Placing both in the northwest corner of a room will increase the patriarch’s luck.
  • Placing the symbol in the southwest corner will increase the Matriarch’s luck.
  • Place it in the east corner for good health, great achievements, power and status for the family.
  • For those of you who seek power, glory in politics or show business, place this majestic symbol in the South corner and make sure there is enough light focused on it.
  • For those of you who are single and looking forward to love or who want to get married, you should place the symbol in the “nien yen” direction according to your “Kua number“.

Dragon and Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

The Dragon and Phoenix tattoos are a very popular because of the combination of two favorite designs in one tattoo.

This combination is appreciated by many people, not only because of its stunning visual appearance, but also because the Dragon and Phoenix tattoo symbolize love for the people who wear it.

The dragon symbolizes masculinity and strength, while the phoenix symbolizes femininity and stability.

The dragon and the phoenix are often related to each other and both are related to the Sun God because of their connection to fire.

dragon phoenix tattoo

It is not uncommon to see fire as a colored element on this kind of tattoo. Fire being the major element in the lives of these two creatures.

By choosing to add fire in the design, it would be preferable to let the two creatures appear in their natural colors.

The phoenix is red and the dragon is green. This reduces the monotony of colors in the tattoo.

The dragon and phoenix tattoo symbolizes a strong bond of love and the strength we need to balance the negative energies that reside within us.

This tattoo requires a relatively large area and is therefore strongly worn on the upper back.

phoenix dragon

Put together, the Dragon and the Phoenix is the symbol of the ultimate yin yang and perfect feng shui.

The Dragon is a symbol of male vigor and fertility, while the Phoenix symbolizes the splendor of yin and feminine beauty.

Together, they presage a fruitful marriage, blessed with great success and prosperity, followed by many descendants, the beginning of a dynastic family.

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