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The Red Dragon Meaning and Symbolism

Chinese red dragon symbol meaning

The red color has a rich visual spectrum, it has a complex and intriguing symbolic meaning. 🀄

In China for example, a red dragon is a symbol of good omen, it is the traditional color of good fortune, happiness and love. ❤

At large celebrations, such as weddings, wedding dresses and traditional veils in China are red.

Red eggs representing harmony and luck are offered to a couple at the birth of a child.

Red is also often used in festivals, it represents celebration. One may then ask, “What does the Chinese red dragon mean?

Chinese Red Dragon Meaning

The meaning of the Chinese red dragon is associated with luck, fire, passion and heart. It is the dragon of summer and the South. 🐉

Other Chinese associations with the color red include vitality, enthusiasm and creativity.

During Chinese vacations, such as Chinese new year, the Chinese red dragon is a point of reference and interaction with the crowd.

Chinese Red Dragon

Just like the red-silver envelopes that bring good luck. Red remains one of the primary colors of fire, an element often associated with dragons in general.

There are several kinds of Chinese dragons known in Chinese culture such as the white dragon, black dragon, yellow dragon, red dragon, and even others that are not named by colors.

The Chinese red dragon, also known as the fire dragon, has multiple secondary meanings in China. Here are three other red Chinese dragon symbols:

  • Symbol of the God of Fire
  • Represents the first emperor of the Han dynasty, Liu Bang
  • Metaphor of the sun.

Chinese Red Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Red Chinese Dragon tattoos symbolize love and passion, family and protection of children.

Like many other phenomena in eastern culture, dragons were associated with the notion of Yin and Yang.

In China, the dragon has always represented a positive male principle or Yang.

chinese red dragon tattoo meaning

The creature brings rain in times of drought, protects waters and fertile land. The owner of a Chinese dragon tattoo is supposed to be a strong and fair person.

Such an image can be a protection against all evil forces and thoughts.

A red Chinese dragon tattoo can guide a person on the path of truth and justice.

Chinese dragons are quite often associated with other creatures in tattoos.

Tattoo enthusiasts prefer a dragon and tiger motif, but also a dragon with a phoenix, hieroglyph or fire.

red dragon drawing

Red Chinese Dragon Drawing

To finish and please you, we have compiled some drawings of the red dragon.

Some of these little masterpieces may give you some inspiration if you want to get a body tattoo.

Red remains a powerful color, associated with a Chinese dragon, its senses and symbolism are multiplied.

To conclude, the Chinese red dragon is the symbol of the emperor, the creator, the orderly, and the celestial power, the dragon is naturally the symbol of the emperor, embodying the force coming from the earth.

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The Chinese Dragon

In China, there is a quantity of different dragons that can take many forms.

Looking animals, humans or both at the same time, dragons transform themselves into clouds or springs, live in the skies or in the seas.

Dragons may have horns or antlers. It is also often depicted with wings covered with scales or hair.

This dragon, the one we know best, has powerful claws and the air it blows can become cloud, rain or fire. We hope you enjoyed our post about the red dragons.

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