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Earth Dragon Meaning & Personality (Chinese Sign)

chinese earth dragon

The Chinese earth dragon sign highlights gifted, realistic and brave beings. They would fight against water and tides to protect their loved ones.

They unleash passion and application in their projects and aim for highly esteemed jobs.

However very grounded as its element, the earth dragon (Dilong) keeps its feet on the ground and often prefers practice to theory. Would you like to know more about your Chinese astrological sign?

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Are you an earth dragon? If so, do you know its character and personality? Let this article be your guide and learn more about the following points:

  • Meaning of the Chinese Sign Earth Dragon
  • Chinese Astrology of the Earth Dragon
  • The Years of the Earth Dragon
  • The Personality of the Earth Dragon
  • The Earth Dragon Horoscope 1988

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earth dragon signification

Earth Dragon Meaning in Chinese Culture

The Chinese zodiac sign earth dragon has many talents that he can put to good use. Those born in the year of earth dragon are positive and jovial people who protect the weak and are not afraid of anyone. They like to be surrounded by their best friends and keep their family as happy as possible.

Of all the dragons in the Chinese zodiac, they are the most pragmatic. They will never be impulsive, as they are known to be down-to-earth and to consider the opinions of others. Here are the Characteristics of the Chinese sign earth dragon:

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  • Qualities: Brave, artistic and sentimental
  • Defects: Boastful, capricious and despotic.
  • Secret need: They want to be closer to their family.
  • Tips: They need to be a little more diplomatic about love.

Earth dragons are very good at organization and the leadership role suits them very well because they also inspire respect. While trying to improve with each passing day, they will manage to reinvent themselves at every step.

The Earth Dragon knows how to control himself, he has initiative, is autonomous, not in a hurry and able to carry out what he has started. He is aristocratic, calm and not prone to arguments. However, if you touch his self-esteem, he will certainly respond, because he demands self-respect.

Chinese dragon sign

Chinese Earth Dragon Zodiac Sign

People of the Chinese astrological sign earth dragon are very stable, they know exactly what they want. They set clear and achievable goals. In the Chinese horoscope, the dragon occupies an important place, as do a number of other zodiac signs.

A distinctive characteristic of earth dragons is the amount of energy they put into achieving difficult goals. They sometimes need to acquire support from outside help. It is an amazing zodiac sign, which gives its owner vast possibilities to use to realize his projects. It can have a qualitative impact on the flow of one’s life and one’s surroundings.

Members of the earth dragon astrological sign do not cherish lies about the surrounding world and current times. They look at everything with fresh eyes and do not have any illusions about the unrealistic attitude of a situation. This attitude contributes greatly to their ability to achieve concrete results.

They are materialistic in the good sense of the word. They will not waste their savings thoughtlessly. They have the will to preserve their property and living space. To do so, they do not hesitate to live in secluded places.

People born under this element are pragmatic, good and honest workers. They are logical and rigorous. When they commit themselves, they do so for a very long time.

They are the most open-minded and ingenious dragons in the Chinese zodiac, and they constantly contribute to making the world a better place. They should be careful with their money because they spend it on futile things.

earth dragon years

Earth Dragon Years

The years of the earth dragon are 1928, 1988, 2148. People born in 1988 are part of the Chinese sign earth dragon based on the five elements of the Chinese zodiac and Chinese astrology. In the Chinese zodiac, it is the lunar calendar that comes into effect.

However, the dates between the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar are slightly different. In the Gregorian calendar, the Earth Dragons were born from February 17, 1988 to February 5, 1989. ?

Earth Dragon Personality

People born in 1988, the year of the Earth Dragon, are ambitious dreamers. They are very intelligent and work hard with a lot of initiative. If they can stick to one thing, they will achieve great victories. These human beings have tender hearts, they like to make friends with all kinds of people.

But they are impatient and often give up halfway. That is why they often lose what they have gained. They are passionate about shopping and always waste money on useless things.

chinese dragon zodiac sign

Earth Dragon Career

The Earth Dragon may face certain challenges in the field of work throughout its life. Its evolution is easily disrupted by the wrong people. Therefore, efficiency at work is the most important issue they have to pay attention to in the workplace.

In addition, they need to learn how to manage interpersonal relationships. Entrepreneurs must avoid the temptation to talk the talk and think twice before making decisions.

Chinese Earth Dragon Wealth

The salary is sufficient to allow them to live a balanced life with the Earth Dragon. They can earn some extra money through investments and good financial management.

However, they should avoid high-risk investments and financial products. Otherwise, this will result in heavy losses. It is best to consult experienced professionals and seniors before making decisions related to money matters.

Earth Dragon Love and Relations

People of the Chinese sign earth dragon must treat their half with seriousness. After marriage, they may be attracted to certain people of the opposite sex, which will cause misunderstanding among their spouses. Therefore, they should be firm and tell their admirers the truth the first time.

At the same time, they need to be more concerned about the physical and mental state of their partners. Gifts on the occasion of a birthday or special holiday can deepen their relationship.

Earth Dragon Healing

The earth dragon will be fortunate to be healthy and will not suffer too much during his life. One should only avoid getting angry under the pressure of intense work, as this is not good for the health of the liver.

Even if they are busy with work, they should notice the changes in their bodies. And it is suggested that they have physical examinations from time to time.

Earth Dragon Woman Personality

The Earth Dragon Woman is serene and thoughtful, she is never involved in scandals. Very open to others, she always tries to communicate her ideas to everyone in her life. This is why she is very polite and honest with her colleagues. Discreet and reasonable, this woman will never overburden her subordinates.

She is intelligent and could work in any profession, but she is the best one to run a business. The children get along very well with her, a job as a teacher would also be appropriate for her. In business, she would be persevering, diligent and down-to-earth.

Earth Dragon Woman Personality

As far as her love life is concerned, she knows what she wants and is comfortable. She will always try to clarify any conflict with her man. She is aware of her environment and nothing can disturb her. She is pragmatic and does not want to waste her time.

The earth dragon woman is in harmony with her feelings and does not allow herself to become too emotional. Very serious about love, if someone gains her trust, she will stick to it in the long run. She is not looking for love like in Hollywood movies, because she is too realistic to dream about it. She will take care of her home and family while doing a great job at the office.

Earth Dragon Man Personality

The Earth Dragon Man is composed and very serious when it comes to doing business. He hates being surprised and always tries to plan things ahead. Because he is sociable, he will always have people who will love him. As superficial as the other Dragons, he doesn’t show how much of a fighter he can be.

Therefore, his approach to conflict resolution will be to bring peace. He will be a great leader and a true best friend because he is generous and often listens to others. Many will respect him, and they will be right to do so. He knows how to handle financial matters, will not have money problems and will always seek to help those less fortunate.

It has everything that women like in a man. He is usually never alone and wants to have a happy family. He is a true gentleman and will try to make his other half happy by giving him flowers and all kinds of romantic gifts. But he can be very demanding or never fall in love with a woman who does not have the same interests as him.

He is more interested in her spirituality than in her appearance. After marriage, he will focus on his family and no one else. He is a great father and a good husband, who wants his loved ones to always feel happy. That’s why he will spend a lot of time with his children.

Earth Dragon Horoscope

The general prosperity of the people belonging to the Chinese Dilong sign will be excellent. For earth dragons born in 1988, their financial wealth will increase as they will make great progress in their careers. This will greatly improve their quality of life.

This year marks the opportunity to seize certain opportunities, they must make the most of it. Thanks to their excellent performance, they will win the favor of their superiors and will probably be rewarded. In addition, Dilong will be assisted by good personalities, which will strengthen the momentum of his career.

This year is crucial for single earth dragons in search of love 💕. For married people, they should realize that family is as important as their work. A long lack of attention can have negative consequences. Increased social activities and overtime can affect the health of the earth dragon.

They need to give themselves time off to avoid mood swings. It is suggested that the earth dragon get more exercise and try to lead a healthy lifestyle.