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Chibi Dragon

The Ultimate guide of Chibi Dragon !

Today, I’m going to make you discover drawings of chibi dragon . The term “chibi” refers to a person, an object or a small animal. In our case, we will focus only on dragons. The chibi dragons will obviously be cuter and more endearing than the classic dragons. Their large, often endearing eyes and their rounded, miniature version play a big role.

When the term chibi is used in manga and anime, it tends to have a positive connotation called “kawaii“. Chibi is an artistic style that originated in Japan. Chibi characters and animals have exaggerated and distinguished facial expressions that create a fun and lovable atmosphere. By the way, if you like dragon plush, take a look below, they decorate your room beautifully.

Chibi Shenron

Chibi Shenron

We start strong with Chibi Shenron. How not to admire this little dragon, not only is it the emblematic creature of the animated dragon ball but it can also grant your wishes. Yes, just that, cute but powerful.

Chibi Dragon Art

A black horned chibi dragon, adorned with golden jewels. Its membranous wings are perforated, but its look is purple. He is surely experienced in combat, beware. Its crest and spikes on the back are purple. At the end of the tail is a blade that seems very sharp.

A white and blue chibi dragon with a tender face. His eyes are turned towards the stars, is he in search of happiness? He is surely at ease in the air as well as in the sea thanks to his angel wings, as well as his fin-like membranes, which extend from head to tail.

This chibi dragon with red wings and horns has a soft and tender expression. He protects his teddy with hardness, be careful not to burn your fingers when trying to play with it.

A majestic little creature, it looks like the Chibi dragon has found its prey, but it seems hesitant. Is he thinking of directly devouring his target or playing with it first? Either way, its horns and the tip of its tail look dangerous.

It is in the sand dunes that this chibi dragon likes to play. Its physique reflects an incredible palette of colors, don’t trust its small size. He looks smart and very playful, beware.

It’s a happy chibi dragon we have here, is he happy to see you? He looks very much like a mountain dragon, bold and daring.

A female chibi dragon, charismatic, she doesn’t let it get easy. The colors of her fur are very bright and her attention is focused on something in particular. What do you think it could be in your opinion?

This chibi dragon has a hair to make the biggest idols of K-Pop jealous. He looks very flexible and intelligent. Would he be a great sportsman?

Extraordinary drawing, this chibi dragon is my favorite. Despite its original look and its grimlin ears, it looks like it has lost its way. Could someone have stolen his snack?

Very hairy, this chibi dragon looks busy. A small green dragon with a horn on the muzzle and forehead. His look suggests that he likes clothes.

A small imp, this chibi dragon has no wings, but its Heterochromia eyes suggest that it has supernatural powers. Don’t underestimate him.

Very proud, this chibi dragon walks on all four legs and gives you a piercing look. The symbols all over his body do not presage anything normal. Could he be a chibi dragon with magical powers?

Chibi Pink Dragon

chibi pink dragon

How to gauge the cute level of this Pink Dragon Chibi? Female or male, it’s up to you to decide, this Dragon Chibi can even be a hybrid. In any case, it has the fundamental physical characteristics of the Dragon. Horns, wings, scales and a heart-shaped tail to soften your judgment before attacking when you turn your back on it.

Chibi Spyro

How not to end in beauty with these two sublime Spyro Chibi. One does his best skateboarding trick sharing his best smile and the other one looks more shy. The chibi dragon on the right is giving you a marvellous look, he’s giving you sweet eyes, would he have seen in you the master he’s looking for?

If you’re a fan of dragons, don’t hesitate to continue your journey on our blog dedicated to dragons. The artist at the head of these drawings is a woman named Nordeva, I leave you her profile, she is a professional in digital drawing.

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