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Bolla and Kulshedra dragons (the Albanian Mythology)

Kulshedra bolla

Bolla or Kulshedra ?

For centuries, folk tales about fierce and fire-breathing dragons have fascinated children and adults alike.

Sometimes frightening, sometimes surprisingly friendly, dragons are major protagonists in legends around the world.

Today, we will focus on Albanian mythology and more specifically on Bolla and Kulshedra. ๐Ÿ‰

Through this article you will learn and discover the legends behind the Bolla and the Kulshedra.

Our approach focuses on Albanian stories and tales. Depending on the culture, the appearance and abilities of the mythological creature may differ.

the Bolla dragon

In Albania, Romania and Hungary, some people believe that if a snake lives long enough and is not seen by a human, it will eventually turn into a dragon.

In Albanian mythology, this dragon is called a Bolla. It keeps its eyes closed almost all year round, because if it sees a human, it has to eat it.

On St. George’s Day (April 23rd), the Bolla opens its eyes and devours the first human being it sees.

It is explained in folklore that St. George cursed the beast so that it would be blind forever except on its feast day. โš”๏ธ

bolla dragon

the Kulshedra dragon

According to popular belief, a snake ๐Ÿ, after living for a number of years, metamorphoses into a Bolla and eventually becomes the monstrous Kulshedra.

A female dragon that has between 7 to 12 heads, covered with hair and red hair, with a long tail and breasts drooping to the ground.

The Kulshedra is capable of spitting fire. Its urine and milk would both be poisonous. At the same time, the Kulshedra is considered a storm demon.

It is believed to cause droughts, floods and other natural disasters. Often, to appease the Kulshedra’s anger, and in exchange for water, a human sacrifice is necessary.

Kulshedra Bolla Albanian mythology

However, in Albania, there are what are called “dragรนas“, semi-human men of Herculean strength, who have invisible wings under their arms.

Their main goal in life is to kill the Kulshedras ๐Ÿ—ก. They spend their childhood training in fighting methods to deal with these dragons. When they see a Kulshedra, they become frantic.

They throw rocks, farming tools, trees and uprooted houses until the Kulshedra is knocked out.

Then they throw the Kulshedra into a river. Dragรนa, sometimes called “drangue” or “drangoni”, is the male conqueror of the female Kulshedra monster, which he must fight to the death in religious belief.

Bolla mutation kulshedra

Bolla and Kulshedra: the physical description

The Bolla is a mythological creature and it looks like a dragon, here are the characteristics of its physique :

  • Serpentine body
  • Four legs
  • Small Wings
  • Silver Eyes

After twelve years and without having crossed a glance, the Bolla becomes Kulshedra, a feared being who decimates entire villages in order to feed himself.

The Kulshedra can also take the form of a woman. Here are its physical characteristics after the transformation:

  • Nine tongues (pointed like a javelin)
  • Horns Thorns
  • Large Wings
  • Fire Element
bolla kulshedra physical description

5 facts about the Bolla and Kulshedra

Did you know that? The Bolla comes from Albania, in the south-east of Europe. In some stories, the Kulshedra is thrown into the Shkumbin river in central Albania.

The appearance of the beast is very similar to a type of dragon. Here are 5 facts about the Bolla and the Kulshedra:

  • Although many dragons are neither male nor female, the Kulshedras are represented as female dragons. They can spit fire and possess the moon and the sky.
  • Kulshedras can transform into females, as well as eels, frogs, turtles and salamanders.
  • In Albania, the word for “grass snake” is also Bolla.
  • The Kulshedras are also the guardians of earthly beauty, witch who lives in the underworld.
  • Sometimes she can be good, but she is usually an evil character.
  • The children of Kulshedras are called Shlligas. They can cause storms.

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We have just learned more about the Bolla and the Kulshedra, two mythical creatures that in reality form one and the same entity.

You now know that in Albanian legends and stories, this beast is seen as a bloodthirsty demonic being.

Be reassured, no one alive today has yet encountered a Bolla or Kulshedra. ๐Ÿ‰

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