Become a partner

What is the Partner Program?

It’s an affiliate program that allows you to earn 10% commissions by sharing your personalized promotional code with your friends/subscribers.
Can you post a photo? Are you ready !

How it works ?

1. Apply at

It’s FREE and fast!
All you need to have :

Over 13 years old

For influencers :

✓ At least 100 followers

✓ At least 3 posts

For Webmasters :

A blog or website

2. Share the brand

As a Partner, you are helping
the brand to grow !

  • Share your personalized code on your social networks/blogs. You will offer 10% discount to your audience.
  • Tell your friends and family. Be creative!
  • You are rewarded for your
    of your efforts

3. Earn money !

Our Partners benefit from
many advantages !

  • Earn 10% to 15% of
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  • 25% discount on your
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  • Increase your notoriety (you will be in story and on our